SoundBytes @ Goafest 2015

13 Apr,2015

By Dyanne Coelho


This is what the various speakers said on the three days of Goafest.


Day 1


“A brand and its agency are like a marriage. You have to make a commitment and try really hard before getting a divorce.” — Anand Kripalu, MD & CEO, United Spirits Ltd and Member, Diageo Global Executive Committee


“We are getting seduced by so many tactics that we lose sight of our brand.” — D Shivakumar, Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo India


“Content quality matters the most, not the platform. If the message is great, it will get ewarded. The quality of the message will determine the rewards.” — R. Chandrasekar; Head of Communication and eCommerce, Nestle South Asia Region


“Our Boards, who have been in the industry for years, are new to social media. Thus we must have people in their 20s who are tech-savvy, mentoring our seniors on the digital space.” — Sanjeeb Chaudhuri; Global Chief Marketing Officer and Regional Head, South Asia, Standard Chartered Bank.


Day 2


“I am often accused of not listening to the other side. There was one day I let someone speak, and that man was Rahul Gandhi.” — Arnab Goswami, Editorial Director and Editor-in-chief, Times Now.


“Companies are self-obsessed, and they make ads that are self-congratulatory.” — Chetan Bhagat, writer


“We ought to focus, not on where the money is spent, but on where we need to work the hardest.” — Guy Abrahams, Worldwide Strategic Marketing Director, ZenithOptimedia


“Don’t try and cram everything into the ad> Instead sequence messages effectively.” — Neil Stewart, Head of Agency, APAC, Facebook


“Stop spamming, stop annoying. Treat consumers like humans, not simply ad targets. Is social media the new dumping ground?” — Jonny Stark, Senior Vice President, APAC, Razorfish


“Every time the tide pulls back, we hire talent and buy companies.” — Ashish Hemrajani, Founder-CEO, Bigtree entertainment


Day 3


“The idea of Vishnu and Shiva and God as a whole, has remained constant even after 2000 years. That kind of consistency is what brands ought to strive to achieve.” — Devdutt Pattanaik, Leadership consultant and Mythologist


“It’s hard to shift perspective when everyone feels safe with the obvious.” — Alan Moseley, President and CCO, 180 Amsterdam


“Build your own dreams before someone hires you to build their’s. Take risks, we need to encourage the young to make new mistakes.” — Suhas Gopinath, Founder, CEO and Chairman of Global Inc.


“Comedians are also brands, and you need to find the right partner while choosing a comedian to advertise your own brand.” — East India Comedy


“You’re lucky if your life gets disrupted, as you are more likely to reach a breakthrough then.” — Vikas Bahl, filmmaker and screenwriter.


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