Scatter finds acceptance with marketers

22 Apr,2015

By A Correspondent


Two months after its launch, Scatter is home to a diverse set of marketers across categories like automobiles, travel, mobile manufacturers, insurance, F&B etc. These early experiences are very positive and there are several other brands from other product / service categories who are expected to use Scatter soon. Scatter solves two problems for the marketer i.e. (1) makes sure the marketer never falls short of relevant things to say (2) helps brands migrate from ad messaging to conversations.


In a short period of two months, brands like Gionee, Mahidra Holidays, Bharti AXA, Maruti Suzuki Swift and Horlicks have begun actively using Scatter to identify ambient third party content, customize the ad positions and make it ready to be shared on the brand’s owned media.


In this age of high contextual and re-targeted ad placements, Scatter provides a brand-safe environment by making sure that the brands’ ad wraps the content they share. This significantly eliminates the blind spot quotient of the brand activity and piques consumer attention.


Arvind Vohra, Country CEO & Managing Director of Gionee Smartphones said, “Gionee as a brand has taken the perception of smartphones to a different level. Mobile devices today are an inherent part of one’s lifestyle and reflection of their attitude. At Gionee, we understood the underlying desire and our devices reflect a perfect blend of style and substance. Being a young brand we have been already known for the initiatives, risks and innovations we brought to the mobility space. Engagement with the audience through creative and compelling content in today world will be key factor in a brand’s evolution and acceptance. Scatter as a tool will allow us to explore this content around our passion points and serve the same to our audience on Social Media widening the possibilities of things and working with us to broaden the horizon of our objective.”


Ritesh Singh, CEO of ARM Digital stated, “Scatter as a product caught our attention as it fits in as a solution to several cases and problems that we face on a day to day basis as Digital Marketing Consultants. At its heart and USP, Scatter solves the ever impeding problem of lack of content to serve and engage their audience serving as a perfect need of the hour. A need gap that Scatter fulfils which is why we have been super excited about it right from the ideation stage to now, when the product is on the cusp of launch. The very nature of the tool ensures that the advertiser can be assured of an intrinsic branded environment without having to worry about factors like competitor’s banners showing up, forgetful experience due to popups and other annoyances.”


Abhishek Sharma, Head – Business Development @ Scatter added, “Most clients and agencies we meet think Scatter is a very interesting and compelling proposition. And Scatter is available at very attractive price points encouraging usage of the product. In Gionee, ARM Digital and Club Mahindra we have found early and happy founding partners.”


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