Now, an Award for Award Shows

01 Apr,2015

By Amit Jaffna


There are award shows and award shows and award shows. So which one is the best? According to information that’s just come in, there are now award shows for all categories for the advertising business is contemplating two set of awards. One for award shows and the other for best food at award shows. While certain event awards do recognise award shows, this is a special show only for awards, including the film awards.


According to the grapevine, at least two media groups are being approached to conduct the award – one of these is a leading trade media group and the other is a well-known magazine in the world of business.


The best food category will have well-known chefs as jury. It’s likely that the food at the Award of Award shows is going to be prepared and served by Masterchef India participants. That will be part of the drill of the show and celebrity chefs will guide participants to ensure the food is of the highest order.


Meanwhile, for the award of awards, the entry fee will be Rs 50,000 per entry. “This is because an award-winning award show will naturally attract top sponsors. So 50k is peanuts,” said a source. The entry fee for award shows run by charity organisations, community clubs etc is Rs 500 only. “That is our service to society.” As a first, an international audit firm will ensure the judging process is followed. D&AD was approached, but, while they recognise creativity and innovation, this concept was too innovative. “The unique thing about this awards is that only those award entries which have been entered will be judged,” said another source close to the development. “This is a significant step taken towards transparency. We are of course also having a critics’ award where a jury will decide on the award depending on a variety of factors.” Click here to read the rest of this report.


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