News-hour debates Fevikwik ad. Nation wants to know why Indian soldier touched feet of Pakistani soldier to repair shoe, thunders Arnab

01 Apr,2015

By Ravi Balarama


The newsroom had shifted to the bustling Pan Bazaar locality in Guwahati yesterday.  The editor-in-chief was visiting his home, where he heard about this controversy and decided to convert it into a special show. After all, nothing works more with viewers than the nationalistic stuff.


Arnab started the show with his monologue. He aired the commercial and asked: Why is that the Indian soldier is made to fix the shoe of the Pakistani, why couldn’t it be the other way around. “I have three points to ask: One, Why, just why, did it have to be the Indian soldier almost touching the feet of the Pakistani chowkidaar?  Two (and he even speaks even louder): Should brands be allowed to play around with the sentiments of the country? And three, ladies and gentlemen on this first day of April 2015, it is indeed strange that a Pakistani soldier doesn’t carry his own adhesive. Doesn’t the country make its own adhesives? Does this tell a story of the Pakistan economy. Tonight ladies and gentlemen, we are going to discuss a very vital issue. But first should our soldier have a made a connect with the shoe of a Pakistani soldier. That’s the Burning Topic today and I invite our galaxy of greats. Remember your channel is the only channel with this story. Exclusive and first, as always.


The guest coordinator had done her job. We had a retired army general, a foreign affairs expert, one guest from Islamabad and a strategic affairs commentator from the United States who had earned his stripes in the Vietnam war and finally the inhouse expert, possibly Maroof Razza. Well-known adman Prahlad Kakkar was also on the panel, and so was Piyush Pandey. Shobhaa De was likely to join as well as representatives from the BJP, Congress, Akali Dal and National Conference.


But first Arnab started with Piyush Pandey, Executive Chairman and Creative Director-South Asia, Ogilvy: “Mr Pandey, we are delighted to have you on News-hour tonight. Sir, you have done some fantastic commercials. Why this? Do you think it works?”


And this is how the conversation went:

Pandey: “See, Arnab, it’s just an ad, it’s a funny situation, it’s”

Arnab: “But fun at the country’s expense?”

Pandey: “How  can”

Arnab: “Not right, I disagree”

Pandey: “you even say that”

Arnab: “No way, No way”

Pandey: “for a nationalistic brand like Fevikwik”


The conversation went on. The guest from Islamabad spoke next. Click here to read the rest of this report.


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