‘I am Nikon’, asserts Nikon India in new campaign

17 Apr,2015

By A Correspondent


Nikon India has announced the launch of its new ad campaign ‘I am Nikon’. Targeted to connect the brand’s heritage of professionalism, authenticity and innovation to an audience of photographers aspiring or professionals, the new campaign highlights the people from across the country freezing moments with their Nikon D-SLR.


The campaign will be live on 18th of April in two different edits for duration of 30 seconds each on television and the complete campaign of 60 seconds will be live on YouTube. The campaign focuses on Nikon’s D-SLR range and highlights different human emotions which connect with our daily lives. It kicks off with a father capturing his toddler’s acrobatics moves moving on to a young man posing to be an Bollywood actor at different locations, the campaign similarly highlights different human emotions which instantly connects with the audience like dream of being a champ, thrill of risk taking, aspiration to be famous, elation of being married etc.


Hiroshi Takashina, Managing Director, Nikon India Pvt. Ltd. commented, “With this latest advertising campaign ‘I am Nikon we aim at connecting on a more direct level with our audience over the feelings we all recognize around the art of photography. The campaign plays on Nikon’s existing tagline ‘At the heart of the image’ and includes real-life scenarios in which people show who they are with a Nikon camera.  We feel that this campaign really gets to the core of what it means to be a Nikon photographer and hope to remind our audience that they are at the heart of the image. We hope it will be as well-received as the previous campaigns”


Sajjan Kumar, Vice President – Imaging Division, Nikon India Pvt. Ltd., said, “The new campaign resonates with Nikon’s commitment of enabling consumers to capture not only the perfect moment but also express who they really are. We have a legacy of creating technologically advanced D-SLR which are simple to operate and are capable of capturing moments and bringing out every emotion the way the heart feels it. In order to establish deeper connect Nikon has been consistently investing in advertising and other promotional activities to reach out to every photography aspirant of the country.”


Conceived by the creative team at K&L Arms Communication India, the entire campaign has a very emotional appeal to it with an inspiring musical background.


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