Goafest Day 1: Content key to success, say biggies in Industry Conclave

10 Apr,2015

By Dyanne Coelho


The first day of Goafest typically sees CxOs from across the spectrum of media, advertising and marketing professionals converge at an Industry Conclave for an interface with leading lights from amongst industry professionals.


Following the inauguration of Goafest’s tenth edition in the afternoon on Thursday, the Conclave saw keynotes by Anand Kripalu, MD and CEO, United Spirits and Member Diageo Global Executive Committee, D. Shivakumar, Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo India, R. Chandrasekar; Head of Communication and eCommerce, Nestle South Asia Region and Sanjeeb Chaudhuri; Global Chief Marketing Office and Regional Head, South Asia, Standard Chartered Bank.


Shivakumar highlighted the dawn of the social media, digital space and e-commerce. “Recruit tech savvy people,” he said, adding: “We are getting seduced by so many tactics that we lose sight of our brand. Don’t be data rich and insight poor,” he added.  Shivakumar included a checklist for agencies in his talk; strategic planning, quality of management, buying, creativity, insights, value and tech solutions are the key, he said


Anand Kripalu was up next, talking about the sacred relationship between a brand and its agency. “A brand and its agency is like a marriage, only divorce after you’ve tried bloody hard,” he said. Kripalu stressed the importance of agencies and clients creating value together. “Today organisations are becoming less and less important to talented people,” he said.


Chandrasekar Radhakrishnan of Nestle pretty much backed up Kripalu talking about the timeless relationship between a client and its agency. “People don’t just buy products, they buy into products.”  Like the previous speakers, Radhakrishnan too highlighted the importance of creating quality content. “Content quality matters the most, not the platform. If the message is great, it will get rewarded. The quality of the message will determine the rewards.” He added the importance of increased creativity. “Brush aside safe creativity to make way for impactful and compelling creativity. Creativity must be relevant, not safe”


The last speaker for the day was Sanjeeb Chaudhuri. “Consumers decide what they want to listen to, they have the ability to make or break your brand,” he said. The bulk of responses that brands receive have to do with consumers increasingly venting out on social media platforms. We need people today, who can listen and acknowledge the problem and offer solutions, he said.

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