Earth and Air Films produces new campaign for Signature

22 Apr,2015

By A Correspondent


‘Signature,’ an innerwear brand that is being sold in more than seven North Indian states of the country has unveiled a new campaign. The new TVC with Sonu Sood is 45 seconds long and has been directed by Jaishankar Pandit under the banner of Earth and Air Films. It will be aired 21st April onwards in India.


“Products such as the ‘Signature Vest’ complement our brand ambassador Sonu Sood, signifying the theme of Action and Fitness. Earth and Air gave the film well within the deadline without compromising on quality”, commented Rajesh Jain, MD, Prachar Communications Ltd.


Jaishankar Pandit, Director at Earth and Air Films said, “I consider myself an advertising salesman portraying the story in a form that would entice the target audience within certain sociocultural parameters. In this particular TVC, we have depicted the good guy beating up the bad ones. The choice was to either keep it in the funny/comic zone or make it smooth and serious yet making one laugh. I went with the latter.”


The film essentially showcases the aura of an individual on wearing the vest. Sonu Sood (portraying an honest and a robust policeman) fitted the bill. He represents agility, stern physique and charm. The film breaks the clutter in this segment of vests with fantastic fight sequence with a small story. The brand name Signature gels well in the story. Signature Vest is a unique brand and it needed a unique story telling device through its television commercial.


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