Dell questions conventional with ‘Learning Meets Doing’

01 Apr,2015

By A Correspondent


Dell India kicked off the Back to School season with a new TVC that has been conceptualized and crafted in sync with the theme for 2015 – to transform the process of learning with intuitive technology. The TVC is a reiteration of Dell’s belief that a school student’s education can be made more engaging and interesting by leveraging the potential of technology.


Learning by rote is a common practice among young students, faced with the challenge of remembering large amounts of content to do well in examinations. The new Back to School campaign stems from the thought that learning should not be a task, but something young minds should look forward to with interest. With the launch of the new TVC, Dell kicks off its flagship Back to School season with the aim to evolve conventional methods of learning by including technology in education to aid a better understanding and application of learning content.


Conceptualized and executed by GREY group, the TVC conveys Dell’s overall campaign message of ‘Learning Meets Doing’, empowering children to learn and understand better through the use of technology. Taking Dell’s Back to School campaign into the lives of school going students and their parents across the country, the TVC lays emphasis on how in an Indian household, a child studies by rote. Depicted through the “Ratta Raga”, a mother watches her son struggling to learn something he cannot understand, which builds concern around her child’s method of learning. His “Learning Meets Doing” moment is realised when she introduces him to the path of comprehension using the Dell Inspiron All-in-One PC.


Ritu Gupta

Ritu Gupta, Director – Marketing – Consumer & Small Business, Dell India said: “This TVC is an abstraction of the challenges faced by young students in the country. The demands of education today means more youngsters are taking to “ratta-fying” with the single minded aim of reproducing this learning in their exams. The concept of ‘Learning meets Doing’ is aimed at challenging today’s method of education. We believe that an intuitive and engaging education which underlines real life application can result in the creation of a generation of well-rounded, ambitious individuals. Dell takes pride in enabling young children by providing them with the right technology for their educational needs. We wish for both, existing and prospective users to understand how technology can fuel creative thinking, and holds the potential to open up a world of knowledge for ambitious minds.”


Ram Jayaraman, Executive Creative Director, GREY Bangalore said: “There’s a difference between studying and learning, just as there’s a difference between getting marks and getting an education. Learning happens when we understand something, and understanding happens easiest when things are engaging and fun. Technology can spark imagination, making the mundane come alive and simplify what’s complicated. While growing up, we had no choice but to learn by hook, crook or rote –children today luckily have a much better option.”


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