CP PLUS rolls out TVC to highlight supremacy in video surveillance domain

10 Apr,2015

By A Correspondent


CP PLUS, the Leader in advanced surveillance and security systems and solutions, has unveiled its new TVC for the first time to reiterate its dominant position in the security domain. The ad throws focus on the wide range of security solutions that the brand offers in the realm of video surveillance to suit versatile purposes and various environments. It emphasizes on the powerful all-seeing feature of its best-in-class video surveillance solutions with the core communication ‘Uparwala Sab Dekh Raha Hai.”


The TVC is created by Dentsu to showcase the discreet yet fly-on-the-wall surveillance that CP Plus video cameras can offer in a college so that miscreants can be detected easily. It begins with a group of freshers being confronted with a senior bunch of students in a college corridor. The seniors start ragging the new kids by asking where they are from. When they find out that they are from Delhi, they ask the young boys to become the Qutub Minar. This is followed by the freshers climbing on top of each other to form a human pillar of sorts, albeit gingerly and with full chances of toppling over. This is when the boy sitting on top of the human tower spots a camera fitted in the adjacent pillar, and points it out to his seniors. The fear of getting detected by the camera fills the seniors with trepidation and makes them briskly turn around and flee to avoid punishment later.


Aditya Khemka, Managing Director, CP PLUS India said, “This ad which is the first in a series is pegged to drive home the point that security is required everywhere- whether home, office, public place or an educational institute.  As the market leader, we are keen on reaching out to the masses with our extensive range of products to ensure security they can trust and rely upon at affordable price points. We want to reassure them that even an HD video camera can be bought within their budget!”


The TVC will debut with the eighth season of IPL in order to capture significant consumer mindshare through the huge popularity of the tournament in India and garner maximum visibility.


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