Coffee & Conversations with Rahul Kishore: Week #5: Rahul Johri

27 Apr,2015

By Rahul Kishore


It is very tough to get a long response to anything from Rahul Johri, Executive Vice President & General Manager – South Asia & Southeast Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific. He doesn’t talk very much. He agreed to meet me instantly though and said that he had never had an interview of ‘this’kind. He was forthright and crisp in his responses. What came across was a man involved totally in his job and very happy doing it. I began by asking him…


Do you consider yourself lucky?

I have always worked hard and strived for excellence. Luck definitely plays a part. Being at the right place at the right time has its advantages and I have been fortunate


Beliefs that define you.

Always have a goal and work tirelessly towards achieving it. The happiness and satisfaction you derive is unmatched.


How do you destress?

I like to read and travel with my family. But what gives me maximum pleasure is the opportunity to satisfy people’s curiosity and make a difference in their lives through our enriching content.


If there was a movie made about your life who would you to like to play and why?

Tom Hanks for his versatile acting abilities.


What’s your dream job?

This is my dream job. I work with one of the most admired global brands, finest team and create compelling content that is watched by millions across the world.


If Bill Gates were to give you $100 million what would you do to change the world?

I would invest in developing sustainable and clean energy sources so that we leave behind a pollution-free world for the generations to come.


Your favourite animal.



One word that defines you?



CEO that you admire.

It has to be David Zaslav, CEO, Discovery Communications Inc. for his business acumen, energy and effervescence.


Who would you like to be re-born as?

As myself. I consider myself fortunate for the life I’ve had. I have no wish to be reborn as someone else.


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