Ceat unveils campaign to promote tubeless tyres offering

20 Apr,2015

By A Correspondent


Ceat Tyres has unveiled a new campaign to promote its new tubeless offering. The primary focus is to highlight the benefits of the tubeless tyres by showing the hazards of tubetype tyres through relevant consumer insight.


Ceat typically is a brand built around on-road insights, be it the ‘idiots’ campaign or the more recent Irrfan Khan ‘superstitions’ one. The challenge was to find out an on road insight that would move bike riders from tube type to tubeless tyres. The challenge led the team to do detailed consumer research to understand their issues with a typical tube type tyre. In keeping with Ceat’s brand core, the brand had to showcase day-to-day incidents to tell the story which would also add an element of mass appeal to the TVC.


The TV campaign has two distinct TVCs showing the human nature of lying to hide their mistakes. At the same time, the campaign will also highlight how tubetype tyres are prone to accidents and these hassles that can be avoided due to the use of Tubeless Tyres. The first TVC shows the wife applying first aid to her husband who claims to get into a fight for a good cause to while the truth is that a puncture in his tubetype tyre causes the accident. After a while, his son complains about the puncture he notices in the bike. The second TVC shows a teenager lands up in a hospital where he is being treated by a cute nurse. The ad progresses integrating dual communication where the teenager lies about the accident to the nurse to impress her and avoid embarrassment while the visuals reveal the truth behind the incident.


Arnab Banerjee, ED-Operations, CEAT Limited said, “The tubeless tyre market for Motorcycle is poised for rapid growth given safety and convenience associated with Tubeless tyres. We see a strong fit of Tubeless proposition with the safety platform that CEAT consistently stands for. With bike manufacturers also starting to migrate to Tubeless across segments, we felt this was the right time to popularize our tubeless range through a dedicated TV campaign.”


Anup Chitnis, Executive Creative Director, South Asia, Ogilvy & Mather said, “The campaign insight came from a very real biker behavior. A fall from his bike hurts a biker deeper than any bruise on his body; it hurts his ego. And more often than not, it leads to dire consequences – he’s typically asked to forego riding the bike in future and travel by ‘safer’ alternatives, viz. a bus or an auto. For the younger lot, it’s the mother and for the middle aged men, it’s the wife who they dread the most after a fall. In fact, they’ll go out of their way to hide it, even make up stories. We brought alive two such relatable stories entertainingly.”


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