Sugar Free aims to educate consumers with new campaign

19 Mar,2015

By A Correspondent


Elkana Ezekiel

Sugar Free has unveiled a new campaign where it reaches out to people encouraging them to lead a healthier lifestyle by paying attention to details, however small or big.


“At Zydus, we are committed to the wellness of the community and society we operate in. Excess sugar consumption leads to a host of diseases. While the consumer strives hard to be healthy and fit, the amount of sugar consumed often makes all the effort go waste. The TVC sheds light on this fact while establishing how Sugar Free is the 1st step towards living a healthier and fitter lifestyle,” said Elkana Ezekiel, Managing Director Zydus Wellness.


Kapil Mishra

The ever changing lifestyle of the people living in cities has led to an increase in the prevalence of lifestyle diseases. But there are also people who are doing all they can to counter the same. While they focus on the big changes necessary to get closer to their health goals, they often forget the small details. Like the sugar you consume with every cup of tea or coffee.


The creative team at Contract Advertising decided to use this fact to the brand’s advantage. “This irony of the human behaviour is the creative idea. We took this observation of how a great effort to achieve good health, backed by immense willpower, often gets ruined because of mindless sugar consumption,” says Kapil Mishra, ECD, Contract Mumbai.


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