Max Life Insurance unveils new TVC to promote its Online Term Plan

04 Mar,2015

By A Correspondent


Max Life Insurance has announced the launch of a new TVC campaign for its Online Term Plan. The TVC will go on air on 6th March 2014. The TVC is based on the insight of procrastination when it comes to buying Life Insurance and prioritizing other purchases that offer immediate gratification. The TVC,thus re-emphasizes the fact that life is full of uncertainties and one needs to be financially prepared for it first.


In line with its past brand communication, the TVC is conceptualized around the idea of a customer and his own alterego. The film opens with the male protagonist trying to buy Life Insurance online, however his alterego appears and tries to dissuade him from doing so. The alterego presents various reasons like the protagonist being in good health, planning for a holiday trip first, and other immediate priorities to discourage him from buying life insurance. However, instead of being influenced by the suggestions of alterego, he goes ahead and buys the ‘Max Life Insurance Online Term Plan’, emphasizing on the point that it is important to secure the future of his family first. The TVC has a light humorous feel attached to it.


Commenting on the new campaign, Nisha Motwani- Director & Chief Marketing Officer, Max Life Insurance said, “Most people do not understand the importance of Life Insurance from the perspective of securing the financial future of their family in case of an unplanned event in life. It is largely seen as an investment option. Also, most people tend to live under the shadows of misplaced optimism, believingthat misfortune will never strike them and postpone buying life insurance over things that provide immediate gratification. Through this TVC Max Life Insurance is re-emphasizing on the importance of protection, thereby encouraging them to take action.”


Max Life Insurance had recently run a digital campaign through Social Media platforms like You Tube, Facebook and Twitter, showcasing videos on stories of real people who have had near death personal instances and taken steps to protect their family. The new TVC is a continuation to Max Life Insurance’s efforts in the same direction.


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