Eric Salama slams MxM report. Says no selling TAM to BARC. MxMIndia stands by story

13 Mar,2015

By A Correspondent


Kantar Media CEO Eric Salama tweeted us back Thursday evening saying: “Whoever/wherever your sources, they are ill-informed or using you to pursue another agenda. There are no discussions to sell TAM to BARC.”


This followed an earlier tweet where he said: “Happy to cooperate with BARC to improve ratings but no discussions for us to sell TAM to BARC.”


This was reacting to our tweeting the link to the story to Mr Salama and other industrypersons.  We responded to this tweet by saying: “No discussions on selling TAM to BARC? That’s not what some WPP folks here are saying. In fact I’ve heard you are the stumbling block.”


We are normally not so direct or rude, but in this case, we’ve heard from more than one source – on the WPP and the industry side – that the counter-offer made by the Kantar CEO was unacceptable and hence a potential deal-breaker. In fact, some industry sources even told MxMIndia in confidence, that it was because of some statements made by someone senior at WPP (suggesting Mr Salama, but not confirming it) that the talks with Kantar fell through in the early days of the BARC contract finalisation.


One senior industryperson associated with BARC was even told that BARC will not be able to run its business without the intervention of Kantar. In fact the senior industryperson feared the future of his career because the offensive was pretty strong, he told us.


Meanwhile, MxMIndia strongly stands by the story it published yesterday. The fact of the matter that a deal is being looked at. This could also mean that TAM will publish its ratings every week and hand over the data to BARC which will then use it for its purpose or club it with its panel size and present to its consumers.


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