eMart unveils study highlighting consumer behaviour

13 Mar,2015

By A Correspondent


eMart Solutions have a globally patented technology platform FirstHiveTM, which captures customer data in real time across platforms (online and off line) and enables brands to hyper personalise their engagement with their consumers.


According to findings from this report, it was revealed that though customers have access to plenty of options, they also tend to be loyal to a brand if the brand goes above and beyond to provide a fantastic customer experience. The insights and recommendations highlighted in the report are intended to draw attention of the businesses on what is important to the customers by analysing their engagement behaviour and perception about the loyalty programs.


The number of states covered were 21 (500+ cities and town covered) and the respondents were about 6500 +. On an average (SEC A – Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and SEC B) are part of 4.3 loyalty programs across multiple category.


Some of the highlights from the report included:

1. 41 per cent customers revisit the brand only because of their love for loyalty program

2. 54 per cent customers will switch brands if given more benefits by another brand

3. 62 per cent customers said monetary benefits (cash back, Discounts, rewards) are the most important aspect of a loyalty program

4. 32 per cent respondents do not receive any communication in spite being part of a loyalty program

5. 52 per cent customers actively participate in loyalty program


Customers love to hear from the brand:


1. 59 per cent wanted the brand to communicate via SMS

2. 35 per cent wanted email communication

3. 21 per cent were ok with brands calling them on the phone

4. 32 per cent expected a mobile app to build engagement with the brand


Data security is paramount:


1. 61 per cent respondents not comfortable with online browsing behaviour being tracked

2. 64 per cent respondents not willing to share house hold information

3. 51 per cent respond to personalized targeted marketing


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