Countdown begins for BARC India regime, as pricing policy is rolled out

05 Mar,2015

By A Correspondent


The countdown has begun in right earnest for the roll-out of the BARC India audience measurement regime.


After successful road shows, training programmes for media and advertising professionals have been conducted on a weekly basis in Mumbai and Delhi.


Meanwhile, after clearances from the  Board, BARC India sent out missives to various stakeholders on its proposed pricing policy (and philosophy). A BARC communiqué notes:  “BARC India has designed a standard pricing model for its principal stakeholders in keeping with the spirit of transparency and equality. While the industry as a whole will pay out roughly the same amount as it would have been paying, the way it works out to individual entities would be more scientific, objective and different.”


An industry person interpreted this for MxMIndia as the following: “The fees are more or less the same as they are for TAM. However, there are some anomalies that will be fixed. So if some broadcasters are paying far higher or lower than the others, they will now need to pay an amount that’s rational and in tune with BARC’s pricing philosophy.”


The pricing philosophy for broadcasters is a flat cess as a % of net TV advertising billing. This cess % will be constantly reviewed at periodic intervals to account for any change in the base cost due to change in sample size etc.


The philosophy for media agencies is based on the Equaliser model which works on three parameters that distinguish one agency from the other – (1) Billing (Number of clients serviced by the agency), (2) Footprint (Markets being catered for planning & servicing  e.g. All India, HSM, South etc.) and (3) Scale (Number of categories handled by the agency). Weights have been assigned to each factor to arrive at the final pricing which has been designed and vetted by EY (Ernst & Young).


Discounts on early payments, premium subscription packages, customised reports etc have all been laid out for the customers to choose from.


In continuation of its technical prowess, BARC India has designed a secured online pricing widget wherein both broadcasters and agencies fill their respective subscription details basis which proposals are sent out. Details on the pricing policy etc can be got from


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