Cinthol creates ‘Alive is Offline’ for the digital medium

10 Mar,2015

By A Correspondent


Cinthol has announced the rollout of a new integrated campaign, ‘Alive is Offline’, to encourage people to disconnect from the Internet and spend some time adventuring in the real world instead.


The ‘Alive is Offline’ integrated campaign is anchored by a film that depicts the journey of a man adventuring through wild terrain, keeping away from his smartphone, the Internet and social media. It showcases how rewarding a life of nature and adventure is, if people would only give it a chance.  And finally, the film is also a convincing demonstration of how “the world is more beautiful than the World Wide Web.’


The campaign builds on the core Cinthol brand philosophy of ‘Alive is Awesome’, and has been conceptualized and executed by Creativeland Asia.


Sunil Kataria, COO – Sales, Marketing & SAARC, Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. said, “Three years ago, Cinthol began its journey of talking to the young, live-for-the moment India through its brand philosophy of Alive Is Awesome. Through this campaign, we aim to strike a chord with a generation that’s conscious of how much they’re online and glued to one screen or another. #AliveIsOffline is a brilliant effort that builds on the brand philosophy in a manner that’s both insightful and inspiring. It urges addicted netizens to take away ‘media’ from ‘social media’ and leave one to only be social, to be social with nature, fellow companions and more importantly, with themselves.”


On the campaign thought, Anu Joseph, Executive Creative Director, Creativeland Asia shared, “Most of us are guilty of staying connected – answering calls, replying to emails, posting, liking, tweeting, commenting, forwarding – even during our breaks. We go on holidays, but never go offline. We are never alive in the moment. Alive is Offline is Cinthol’s attempt at reminding people to lead more balanced, more fulfilling lives. To go offline because “this world is more beautiful than the world wide web.”


The film opens on a scenic landscape shot, which is rudely interrupted by the sound of a phone ringing. When the phone call goes unanswered, an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) starts saying, “The person you are trying to call is currently busy”. The phone rings yet again while a man is basking in the sunrise. He remains oblivious to the phone ringing next to him. The IVR says, “The person you are trying to call is currently busy.” This time the IVR continues to speak and explains the philosophy behind ‘Alive is Offline.’ What follows next is best explained as a juxtaposition of what happens in the online world against complementary acts the man does in the offline world.


As part of the teaser phase of the campaign, Cinthol’s Twitter handle  created #Addicted and #AliveIsAwesome, and posed a simple question to its 12.4 K followers- ‘What would you give up your Twitter handle in exchange for?’ This was to make its followers question their own addiction to Twitter and social media on the whole. The campaign received multiple responses. These tweets were monitored and followers were constantly pushed through the day to think deeper about their social media addiction.


On the day of the launch, the #AliveIsOffline film managed to clock 11k plus shares, indicating a very high engagement rate.


Following the teaser and the launch phase, Cinthol will create and promote #AliveIsOffline through user engagement activities on Facebook and Twitter.


Customized caller tunes will also be made available for download, using the same IVR device deployed in the film in a fun and entertaining manner.


The film is produced by BWP Totem Productions.


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