Charulata Ravi Kumar: 7 Reasons why Brands can do without Digital

26 Mar,2015

By Charulata Ravi Kumar


Ok, so when you ask me “Can Brands do without Digital”, tell me it’s a joke – Right?!! Such humour is only befitting of those oblivious to the wall they will soon hit. Here are some of the brands that can and are lying supinely on the beach while others are kicking sand on their face as they get ahead.


1. Brands that cater strictly to the 80% unconnected Indians. Just leave it to god for your products and message to reach them. We are a country of tremendous faith.


2. If your brand monopolistically believes that it’s future is secure in being the only one. After all ocassionally we all harbour some suicidical instinct.


3. if your brand loyalty score amongst the 50+ is your unshakeable reason to exist. And you believe in Benjamin Button.


4. You are the most successful brand in Gobichettipalayam and happy to remain. My grandmother will bless you for this.


5. You want to stay off Twitter because public opinion scares you. Don’t worry your mum will still think you are the best.


6. Your brand story is so fantastic that your fan club is desperate to seek you out. Never mind if they don’t know you exist.


7. You are a 19th century Luddite and protest any labour replacing technology. Obviously you believe Transformers is a horror movie.


But, don’t worry. The universe has a place for everyone. That is, until Darwin’s theory takes over.


Just a little advice here for the digital nay-sayers : digital is no longer an option. It is also not an alternative to anything. As technology, it is the backbone that will support the brand and enterprise, and in its application it is the blood that will have to flow through its veins. Like it or not, it is fast becoming the 6th element of our universe. For those who don’t want it, the laws of evolution will phase them out. But then, whoever listened to good advice. And everyone, and every brand is entitled to its own denouement.


Charulata Ravi Kumar is CEO, Razorfish India


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