TAM’s AdEx to certify ad spots for Amagi

12 Feb,2015

By A Correspondent


Amagi has announced that its ad spots will be certified by AdEx India, a division of TAM Media Research. AdEx India is the country’s most prominent advertising monitoring and information unit. This arrangement has come into effect from 1st, February, 2015.


The certification adds a new dimension to Amagi’s offering of geo-targeted advertisements on television. An endorsement of Amagi’s ad-spot reporting mechanisms, the certification will include proof of execution and time of delivery, which will be included in the company’s post-campaign report. The certification is currently specific to Zee TV ad-inventory purchased through Amagi.


Speaking about the development, Amagi business head, LS Krishnan said, “The TAM-AdEx certification adds value and integrity to the reporting of our ad campaigns. This partnership will add not only add credibility but also ensure transparency to the ad play-out process, a realignment which media planners have been waiting eagerly for. A first-of-its-kind certification for India’s geo-targeted TV advertising industry, this will help accelerate the adoption of geo-targeting by advertisers. This substantiates our commitment to a value-driven and effective advertising service. As a pioneer in this industry, we see it as our responsibility to grow the world of targeted advertising in India and this is a big step in that direction.”


Amagi’s geo-targeting will help media planners, marketers and advertisers across the country plan their budgets more effectively. It also gives agencies the opportunity to offer specific, result-oriented campaigns to their clients across sectors.  Furthermore, the TAM-AdEx certification ensures that media planners can now be absolutely certain about their reporting for geo-targeted ad campaigns.


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