SAB TV unveils #DigitalDividesSABUnites campaign

05 Feb,2015

By A Correspondent


SAB TV has launched a brand new film as part of its #DigitalDividesSABUnites campaign. The brand film shows a very existing phenomenon faced and witnessed by families today, that of the digital world encroaching their personal lives but there is always some common thread that gets the family together.


The satirical film shows a joint family living together but everyone is busy on some gadget or the other. In spite of all the family members being together there’s no conversation, everyone is focused on chatting on their phones, playing games, surfing the net, listening to music, etc. The film features the father of the family singing a song and narrating the grievance through it, at the end even after the commotion, everyone is still glued on to their device. This is when, he mentions latest update and character from SAB shows and everyone joins in to comment over it.


Anooj Kapoor

Commenting on the launch of the new film, Anooj Kapoor Senior EVP and Business Head, SAB TV said, “Our film takes a light hearted dig at how the virtual world is beginning to overpower the real world which we inhabit. The fact that virtual world has made us individualistic and introverted in nicely contrasted with how SAB continues to makes us extroverted and re-enthuses us to bond with our family through fun and entertainment”.


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  1. Kanpuria Guy says:

    who did the copy for this spot?