O&M launches new campaign for Center Fresh Endless

27 Feb,2015

By A Correspondent


Continuing with its tradition of innovation, Perfetti has launched Center Fresh Endless and has unveiled a TVC too. With its unique blue and white stripes, the product promises long lasting freshness.


Commenting on the launch, Nikhil Sharma, Director Marketing, Perfetti said: “Long lasting freshness is a very relevant benefit in the gums category. Our R&D developed a product whose freshness lasts longer than the other gums available in the market. We are extremely excited about this new launch and we believe this will open up new avenues for consumption.”


Playing on its unique proposition of long-lasting freshness, the launch campaign features a series of three hilarious commercials with funny situations that seem never ending. From the nervous groom endlessly trying to lift the bride’s ghoonghat to two office colleagues unable to get past each other in a doorway, to the funny Sheikh who simply can’t stay steady on the camel’s back, it’s non-stop fun, which is symbolic to the long lasting proposition offered by the product.


“Some of the simplest situations in life can become very funny if they were to go on and on, seemingly without an end. The fun can be compared to that offered by the gum due to its long-lasting freshness,” shared Anurag Agnihotri, ECD, O&M Advertising Gurgaon.


Apart from television, the campaign will also be supported on the digital medium including social platforms.


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