Marathi daily ‘Mi Marathi Live’ to launch on Feb 27

23 Feb,2015

By A Correspondent


At the Worli office of Broadcast Initiatives Limited, the office is buzzing with activity. For, come Friday, February 27, the state gets yet another Marathi daily newspaper. To be called Mi Marathi Live, Broadcast Initiatives will launch the paper in Mumbai with satellite editions from Thane, Kalyan Dombivali, Navi Mumbai and Vasai-Virar. There are aggressive plans for expansion and the publishers are sparing no efforts to ensure it’s a big bang launch. A 250-odd member team of which half are in editorial across the state.


Supriya Kanase

So what’s the paper going to be like, we asked Supriya Kanase, CEO of Broadcast Initiatives, which also runs Live India and Mi Marathi news channels as well as Hindi daily Prajatantra Live and Live India newsmagazine.“We already have a presence in the electronic media and we believe that there is scope for creating a synergy between the electronic and print teams.”

Ms Kanase asserts that the news media group has no political agenda and the only allegiance is to the common man. “Then man and woman on the street will be be able to identify their aspirations with our paper. It will cater to every strata of society and all members of the family.”

Mi Marathi was a GEC when Ms Kanase’s team took charge.”We first started with six bulletins a day and we have now convered it to a 24×7 news channel. We are doing very well and from the ratings point of view, we have marched ahead of some of the existing leaders. In the meantime, Live India is also growing well.”

People are keen to know more about the promoters of the venture, we submitted. Since you have been independent in your news coverage, what is it that drives your company to get into the media, we asked Ms Kanase.  “Everybody comes to do business. But along with our business goals, we have a strong value system and ethics. Our objective is to bring people together. When you bring people together, you always have your goals. Our only agenda is to publish a paper which pleases the common man.”

The group has retained well-known editors Kumar Ketkar, Bharat Kumar Raut and Nikhil Wagle as consultants to the news channel. Some of these stalwarts have a reputation of having strong views on certain political groups and are known to contest editorial interference, we said. How will you ensure that your business interests do not clash with the editorial freedom that you want to give your newsrooms, we quizzed the CEO. Ms Kanase was matter-of-fact: “The media business and our core activities are separate.  If there is some negative news which is of interest to the people, I cannot sideline it. I will not let news get impacted by my business interests, otherwise I will never be able to erect a strong media business. If we operate in the way some other media companies do, then how will we be different.  Our agenda is to stand out from the rest and reflect the needs and wishes of people.”

Your statements are quite idealistic, we told her. Not many media-owners express these sentiments these days, we said. “We have grown in business, but we have always kept the welfare and values of society in the forefront and in balance. If we have to grow, we have to grow with this vision in mind. If we had only business in mind, we would not have converted the GEC channel to news. Today, Mi Marathi is doing well, enjoys a good reputation. We have been very balanced, with no bias whatsoever!”


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16 responses to “Marathi daily ‘Mi Marathi Live’ to launch on Feb 27”

  1. shailendra says:

    mi marathi live var me new vachto changlya astaat i feel certainly that they may change the people thinking . Aaj me marathi bhasha kuthlya level la ahe te baghto na. mumbai marathi lokanchi, kadhichich vickly geli ahe since we started likeing hindi songs and discarded our old marathi song so also ther movies . the old marathi movies are really awesome. surely the hindi movies too but as a maharashtrian and being born and broughtup in mumbai my 1st love will be and is marathi movies the most. they are the best. but naturally i too was in that race.I see nowadays marathi language rank is below hindi and English. yes defintely everybody should and must know english, but hindi no need atleast its my personal opinion that to in mumbai 1st preference to be and must be given to marathi language and then to hindi even though hindi is termed as rashtra bhasha. its not compulsory that everybody should speak hindi, but nowadays maharashtrian people also i have seen they 65% speak hindi and 35% or less marathi, why?. I have seen changing trends in mumbai, belive me mumbai was very peace ful and silient but as this northindians from uttarpradesh and bihar and have captured it completely peace has lost some where . prices have of gone up including daily commodities. illness and dirtiness , uncleanliness have reached its utmost level. people are daily fighting with each other badwords which were not used are nowadyas very common , people dont see who is around they just give , many movies also show all dadagiri , rape, use of badwords scene. Real estate prices have gone up , I say for what purpose thye are increasing , should have some logic behind icreasing it, everybody is increasing the prices that doesnt mean that they should also increase . bloody they dont decrease the price when prices goes down. these are some thoughs which i feel i should express thats all, more to write , lets see whats others people opinion is. I urge all mahrashtrians that they should not leave ther mother tongue. even sachin tendulkars daughter felt shy to speak in marathi in some video so now you can imagine what grade marathi language it and they feel like they have done something different awesome sachin tendulkar being a marathi person. more to write but i will stop hear only in end i will give good wishes to marathi live new papers. above return is all my thoughs which i feel i should express.thanks and all the best

  2. Jitendra Hardikar says:

    train madhe honnara Maharashtriyan Lokancha trasabaddal mala maharashtratil Jantela Avahan Karayche Ahe ki.
    Apli Ji Chouthi Sheat aste ti nakki konasathi. Mhanje baherun alelya Parprantiyansathi pahunyansathi special ahe ka? karan 12 june roji mi dadar varun 11.22 chi train pakadli tar ek Yong Mulga chouthya sheat var basla hota ani to left side la mhanje baher padnyacha rastyat aat mi tyala respectfully sangitale baba pay bajula ghe tar to mhanto lower parel yayla time ahe na. pan ti gadi let zali hoti tyamule tila gardi hoti mhanun me tyala bajula pay ghenyas sangitle ast. to ubh rahu bolala ” Sabko utarna hain” Aur hindi me baat karna, mi mhanalo bhashechi charcha bako fhakt bajula ho. tyavar to mhanal abhi tumko dikhata hian, maharashtra tumhara nahi hai hamara hain. ani tyane konala tari call kele, maharashtra tumhara nahi hamara hain .yevdhe yaiklyavar tya dabbytil sarv lok oradle kya samsta kya hain tu. sarvani avaaj kelyavar to gapp basla. Mhanje mala aese vicharayche ahe ki ya lokanci yevdhi dadagira ka ani kashasathi, Mhanje amhala yancha pasun kahich trass nahi ka. varun yanni hi dadagiri karavi ajj he boltayat udya yancha hatata hi jar maharashtra gela tar he kai kartil kunas thauk. Virarla Janara Pratyek Marathi Manus Ha Borivalila Gelyavar Sahnubhutipurvak Dusryala Jaga Deto. Tyancha Aadar karto swata uthun 2ryana basayala deto to baghat nahi ki ha parprantiya ki marathi to manus mhanun baghto ani, he Amhalach Dadagirir kartat ti pan kaydane –
    Kai Marathi Mansacha Hakk Khuntala Jatoy Ka Ashi Ek BHiti Nirman Hot Ahe.

    – hi batmi mi marthine dyavi –

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  3. ajay wankhade says:

    मी बोललेलो चुका अजून तुम्ही ठीक नाही केल्या आहे अजून पण धोनी ला डोणी लिहिथ आहे font पण मोठी नाही केली आहे मी सागायचे काम केले बाकी सगळे तुमच्या कडे आहे माझा mobile no ९९६७१८९१३० आहे

  4. milind dolare says:

    nice abhinandan

  5. Sanjay Patil says:

    नाव मी मराठी…. मग पुढे इंग्रजीत LIVE कशासाठी ?

  6. Amol Fartode says:

    Congratulation Mi Marathi team

  7. ajay wankhade says:

    मी मराठी लायु मध्ये धोनी च्या ठिकाणी ढोनी लीहीथ आहे तरी चूक सुधारावी my mobile number is 9967189130

  8. smkabeer says:

    अभिनंदन ,
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  9. mangesh chavan says:

    अभिनंदन ,
    आपल्या नवीन चालू केलेल्या मी मराठी पेपरला खूप खूप शुभेच्छा !!!

  10. Jawaharlal Pol says:

    अभिनंदन ,
    आपल्या नवीन चालू केलेल्या मी मराठी पेपरला खूप खूप शुभेच्छा !!!
    आपला पेपर खूप चांगला आहे . मी त्यातील शब्दकोडे सोडविण्यास घेतले असता मला एक चूक लक्षात आली जी अनवधानाने घडली असावी . शब्दकोड्यात कालचे उत्तर म्हणून जे उत्तर दिले होते ते कालचे नसून आजचे होते . आणी प्रश्न व कोडे दोन्ही वेगवेगळे होते . कृपया अशा गोष्टींकडेपण लक्ष दयावे. कारण अनेक शब्दकोडे-वेडे पेपर चाळून लगेच शब्दाकोड्याकडे वळतात. त्यांची निराशा न व्हावी ही अपेक्षा.
    धन्यवाद . जवाहरलाल पोळ

  11. Jawaharlal Pol says:

    Many Many Congratulation Mi Marathi.

  12. ajay wankhade says:

    Mi marathi news paper is very good but his font size is very small so please change your font size my mobile number is 9967189130.

  13. Guest says:

    Many Many Congratulation Mi Marathi….

  14. Shashikant Ujjainkar says:

    Many Many Congratulation Mi Marathi…

  15. Tejas Kulkarni says:

    congracts mi marathi team

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