AAPHEW! | Shripad Kulkarni: Arvind Kejriwal’s ‘Wake up Call’ to BJP and marketers!

11 Feb,2015

By Shripad Kulkarni


This is not about the communication or media strategy of the Aam Aadmi Party versus the new age digital strategy of Narendra Modi/Amit Shah’s Bharatiya Janata Party. Nor is this post about the outreach programme of the two parties (we already know very well that you need to reach out and connect with consumers to succeed). It signals a big opportunity opening up in the Bottom of Pyramid (BOP) which both the BJP and marketers must address.


The BOP – 40% (or bottom two quintiles) of Urban India is the next emerging market!


The Middle Classes were the bull’s eye TG for the Modi/Shah approach. Arvind Kejriwal rightly found a gap and zeroed in on the BOP.


The BOP, especially in the Metros, is now economically well off. These people have the aspiration and quite a few of them partake of basic consumer goods. But the ‘quality of basic living’ is a daily fight. A classic case of consumer aspiration but failure of public goods. And, now, these people have a new found voice. If Kejriwal delivers in some measure on power, water, transport, education, sanitation, healthcare, the BOP people would have tasted blood. BOP people in city after city, state after state will have to be wooed by politicians.


What’s more, once governments provide decent quality basics of living, the discretionary income of the BOP segment will actually grow. The ‘value’ spaces of consumption that Rama Bijapurkar has written about will present a range of opportunities. And therein may be the key to opening up the huge market called Bharat! The new driver for the Indian economy!!!


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2 responses to “AAPHEW! | Shripad Kulkarni: Arvind Kejriwal’s ‘Wake up Call’ to BJP and marketers!”

  1. Natarajan says:

    Shripad, This is a strong point that you make. I feel that the point you make does open a big window for marketeers. Maybe this time around we will get some research insights if some big brands actually take the time to analyse the aspirations. Natarajan

  2. Rahul Jain says:

    Well said, Shripad! And the BOP phenomenon is not restricted only to metros. The tier II/ III cities are also witnessing it in a strong manner.

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