AAPHEW!| How Bad Messaging did the BJP in

11 Feb,2015


By Pratap Bose


So the Aam Aadmi Party scored a landslide victory in the Delhi elections. It’s a huge win. Massive.

As I wrote last week,  AAP was very clear and focused in its election campaign. The messaging was simple.  It was to provide an alternative to the BJP and Congress, and for those keen on a government run by a true representative of the common man. While it was an anti-Bharatiya Janata Party, anti-Congress, there was no negativity from Arvind Kejriwal this time.


And as for the BJP, the negativity in the campaign didn’t work. In fact the very reasons why there was much sympathy towards the BJP and Narendra Modi in the Lok Sabha elections, seem to now be the reasons why Kejriwal won.


Negative campaigns don’t work. Even if the BJP’s Lok Sabha ads painted a dismal pic of the country, the essential message was positive: Achhe Din Aane Waale Hain.


In these elections, while there was a ‘Call to Vote’, the messaging was negative. And, according to me, that’s what possibly did the BJP in. There are of course a variety of other factors – the public’s belief that the AAP can deliver better and some dissatisfaction on the BJP doings at the Centre – but the sensitivities of the public at large cannot be ignored. How else can you explain a 23% drop in voter share?


If you think about it, there was nothing spectacular that the AAP did. The BJP had far greater assets in terms of budgets, advertising expenses, and the might of the entire top cabinet at their disposal, but like any strong brand the AAP stayed close, relevant and true to the people of Delhi. The symbols of the AAP, like the broom, the AAP cap, Kejriwal’s muffler, the simplicity in which he dressed, and the simple promises, all clearly resonated in this humongous victory.  One must never forget that aspiration is always secular and never based on class-based politics.


After the Grand Effie-winning campaign of the BJP last year, this was a dud.


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Pratap Bose was until recently COO, DDB Mudra Group. He is currently President, The Advertising Club. Visit www.pratapbose.com for this views


Big Story image taken from the Aam Aadmi Party Facebook page. Visual of RK Laxman’s Common Man with Arvind Kejriwal in an ad by ‘Happily Unmarried’


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