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11 Feb,2015

By Avik Chattopadhyay


The AAP brand has been very thoughtfully created, nurtured and matured by the party thinktank. I really do not know the names of the thinkers, but I am sure there are quite a few of them, from various walks of life and backgrounds, that ensures its unique personality and positioning before the man and woman on the street.
And the positioning was summed up in BBC’s update on February 10 evening that said, “India anti-corruption party routs BJP.”


This is the brand essence of AAP.
This is their greater purpose…of existing, contesting, winning and administering.
The party has stood for this purpose with a manic conviction.
In November 2013, it was demonstrated through a raw, extroverted, abrasive sincerity.
In January 2015, it has been expressed through a calm, collective and controlled aggression.
But the missionary zeal… clearly remains, undiluted.


This purpose brings an automatic emotional connect with all Indians, at every corner.
And most so, in the capital, where forms and intensities of corruption proliferate and pulverise.


The values of the brand?


Candour. Inclusive. Challenging. Young.

These are the values that tomorrow’s India aspires for, appreciates and aligns with.
In the disarming candour of a man openly admitting he had made a mistake and requesting for another chance.
In the inclusiveness of its volunteer forces that gave their all for a just cause.
In their challenging the conventional central authority of its organisational and financial muscle.
In the youthful energy in their approach to campaigning and the content that they shared on social media.


There was a Pepsi to a Coke.
There came a Mac to a PC.
There is an AAP to a BJP.


Both need to co-exist, for in their contrasting ethos and styles of functioning will lie the checks and balances of administration and development. That is the very essence of a thriving democracy. And I am sure proud to be born and live in one that is ours!


Avik Chattopadhyay is a senior marketing and brand consultant. He now co-runs brand advisory firm Expereal. He has spent over two decades in the automotive industry and was also CEO of Saffron Brands India.


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