5 Reasons why all members of the broadcast ecosystem must attend the BARC India roadshows

04 Feb,2015

By Partho Dasgupta


With a new audience measurement system expected to be in operation in a few months, the Broadcast Audience Research Council of India (BARC) is conducting roadshows across major media centres to introduce the new user software to the fraternity. The roadshows happened in New Delhin on Monday, Feb 2 and in Bengaluru yesterday (Feb 3). Chennai is scheduled to happen today (Feb 4) and in Mumbai on Friday, Feb 6 at 2 and 4pm. We asked BARC CEO Partho Dasgupta to tell us why it’s a must-attend for all stakeholders.


Sharing, listening, answering queries, Meet and Greet… and doing all this under one roof is what every BARC India Roadshow is all about. Currently we are hosting the roadshow to preview our user software which we have christened as the BMW – BARC India Media Workstation.


The roadshow will travel across Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai and Mumbai and is being attended by broadcasters, media agencies, advertisers and even consultants to know more about our BMW offering.


Here’s listing 5 Fab Reasons why all members of the broadcast ecosystem must attend the BARC India Roadshow to preview the key features of our User Software – BMW, as listed below…


1. Graphical representation

To brighten up your analysis, BMW offers a unique feature of creating your own graphical representation of analysis. BMW also offers the facility to create dashboards, charts and audience movement analysis (switching in and switching out) with interesting layouts.


2. Generating reports and analysis within the User Software without exporting to excel

Weekly average ratings, brand ratings, top programmes and any other complex analysis can be generated within BMW itself without having to export to excel, cutting down on the cumbersome and time consuming process.


3. Drag and Drop Feature

BMW also facilitates quick and user-friendly navigation with its ‘Drag and Drop’ feature. At the click of a key, the user can simply pick and choose from the various sections of the home page and create a customised work book to generate reports.


4. Meta-Tagging Entities for Advertisers

Another fab feature of the BMW is the depth of meta-tagging reporting by Sector, Category, Product, Sub Product, Brand, Sub Brand, Variant, Advertiser, Advertiser Group, Master Program, Position and Language. Providing the meta-tagging information proactively into the software helps the user with micro-analysis while saving time.


5. Built-in Planning and Optimiser

BMW planning module offers a built-in Planning and Optimiser which gives you various media plan options basis pre-defined audiences, markets, period, strategy in terms of Ratings or Reach.


So, we look forward to meeting you at the BARC India Roadshow


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