What the Stars Foretell for Creative Professionals in 2015

06 Jan,2015


The response we’ve received to the Astrological Forecast we carried yesterday has been phenomenal. Today, we bring you the second leg of the forecast – especially for creative professionals, done exclusively for MxMIndia readers.


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Aries (The Ram)

(21st March to 20th April)

For the media, marketing and advertising professionals of the Sun Sign Aries, the year 2015 looks set to be pretty encouraging and progressive, overall. However, creativity is the foundation of these fields, and in the first quarter of the year, you may be slightly short on it. Thus, schedule more mundane or tedious tasks/ projects for the year beginning, and postpone important pitches/ shows/ plans, for the time being, specifically, if you haven’t yet prepared for them. Since Venus shall favour your creative pursuits mid-year, Ganesha feels that the time between June second week to July end shall be pretty favourable for any creative activities, or also for launching/ pushing any big plans, which you may have.


Yearly Creative Curve – Average to Good


Taurus (The Bull)

(21 April to 21 May)

Taurus natives working or associated with the media, advertising and content fields look set to enjoy a great run in the year 2015. The stars and planets shall be pretty supportive on numerous occasions, through the year, provided you remain active and ready to make good use of the opportunities, as and when they arise. Ganesha foresees you executing a plenty of your plans, this year. But, you shall need to remain flexible, in order to get along well with the demands of your organisation, peers or superiors, and also to keep in tune with the changing demands of times and clients. The time frame from 18th March to 12th April 2015 shall be especially good for taking up new assignments or executing big projects. You may also schedule major pitch presentations, client-side discussions or shoots, during this time window.


Yearly Creative Curve – Good/ Rising


Gemini (The Twins)

(22nd May to 21st June)

The Gemini media and advertising professionals may have to face distractions in 2015, feels Ganesha. These may derail you temporarily; you may find it impossible to concentrate or take your on-hand projects through completion. You may also keep digressing from your actual idea or the brief. Some of you also run the risk of getting unduly influenced by tertiary work fields. Thus, try, and remain focused only on your core competencies or area/s of work. For example, if you are a champion at story-boarding, avoid getting too far with your client acquisition ideas or photo-editing. In a nutshell, you may wish to experiment, and shall go out of your way to try out new things, but this may not actually work in your favour. In fact, instead of helping you further your career or skills, this may leave you confused. Nonetheless, the time from mid-April to mid-May shall be good for communication, meetings, new projects or even for a major creative activity or inspiration.


Yearly Creative Meter – Average to Above Average


Cancer (The Crab)

(22nd June to 22nd July)

The stars promise a fortunate year for the advertising and media professionals with the Sun Sign Cancer. Almost all through the year, you will get favourable time windows, which will help you express and channelise your creativity to produce eloquent results. Being a Water Sign, ruled by Moon, any how you guys tend to be naturally imaginative. And in 2015, you can hope to use this prowess to your advantage. However, Ganesha foresees that you may remain somewhat preoccupied by your personal sphere. You may also be keen to enjoy your life in 2015, which may distract you somewhat, making you miss out on a few good projects or opportunities. Try and focus; keep your senses open and receptive. The time from 8th May 2015 till mid-July shall be pretty favourable. You may again come across a lucky streak towards the year end, in December, which will help you put a good foundation for the next year, promises Ganesha.


Yearly Creative Meter – Good – Very Good/ Consistently Rising


Leo (The Lion)

(23rd July to 22nd August)

Ganesha says that 2015 shall be a good time to take a career leap, if you wish. The stars spell ‘Change’ with a capital C for media, advertising and other creative Leo professionals in the year 2015. So, the change may be of any kind, but the bottom-line is that stars shall support you in that, propelling you in the right direction. If you have been looking for something, specifically a job-change, or, maybe some horizontal/ cross-department expansion, you have the luck on your side. Have you been eying that account management profile for some months now? Try your luck and use your creative expression! Chances are high that if you remain on the lookout, you shall come across better opportunities within your current company or in other organisations. The time period after 9th April 2015 till the year end looks good for you and your career pursuits from all angles. In a nutshell, this is a time to progress and expand your horizons, so you should make the best use of this favourable period.


Yearly Creative Meter – Good – Very Good


Virgo (The Virgin)

(23rd August to 22nd September)

The Virgo media and advertising professionals should be ready to rough it out this year – but with due charm and tact. There may be ups and downs in your career domain, through the year, and thus, you will need to remain careful and diplomatic in all you do. Nonetheless, August and December shall be the ‘happening months’ bringing your opportunities. But, other than that, rest of the year may be slightly challenging. Planning has rarely been an issue with you meticulous beings, but in 2015, you may feel that execution of your plans/ projects is getting hit by unexpected roadblocks, maybe owing to confusions or lack of commitment/ perfection, on your team’s part. On your own, you are advised by Ganesha to ensure that all your decisions are well-thought out, and not impulsive. Also, steer clear of offering unsolicited advice.


Yearly Creative Meter – Average


Libra (The Scales)

(23rd September to 22nd October)

The stars aligned for 2015 may pose problems for the Libra individuals’ career and professional domains. The way your career graph moves may leave you somewhat frazzled or anxious. You may remain divided between your personal and professional spheres, which shall further add to the confusion about, which of them should be given priority. Plus, you may feel that you will not be able to progress optimally in one of these, without sacrificing the other – to some extent. If looking for a new job or project, you may either not come across a right opportunity, or may get wired and confused about, where to go and what to do. Ganesha suggests relocation and some readiness to take risks. Both of these may be of good help, provided you stay ready and open for changes. January and December both shall remain active for you.


Yearly Creative Meter – Average; Stagnant unless you are open to taking risks


Scorpio (The Scorpion)

(23rd October to 22nd November)

The year may begin on a slow note, but that must not faze you. The opportunities, success and frenetic activity await Scorpio individuals for the rest of the year 2015. Overall, it will be a progressive year for the advertising, media and other creative professionals. Career progression or expansion are foreseen. You may be able to acquire a better position or may also receive an enticing offer. Taking it up or not shall be best left to your discretion, though, says Ganesha! Nonetheless, if you consider something major like this now, it may change the direction of your life altogether. February is going to be a very very important month for you, suggest the stars.


Yearly Creative Meter – Rising/ Sustainable


Sagittarius (The Archer)

(23rd November to 21st December)

The Sagittarius advertising and media professionals shall have to match their steps with their luck, in order to take maximum benefit of the opportunities thrown open to them by the stars in 2015, says Ganesha. In other words, you shall need to balance your Karma with your fortune, and be ready to act, whenever an opportunity strikes. Overall, career luck shall favour you largely in the second half of the year. But, a lot shall also depend on how you handle the first half of the year – when there may be some tight deadlines or critical projects, asking for your active and prudent participation. March, July and August shall be the favourable months. If you happen to bag a nice project/ job offer or are asked to make a client presentation, do give it all your best shot.


Yearly Creative Meter – Above Average to Good


Capricorn (The Goat)

(22nd December to 20th January)

Change can be unnerving and unsettling for the stability loving Capricorn individuals. However, change is the only constant in this universe! And, on a lot of occasions, this change can be very pleasant, helping you progress, even if after some initial adjustments and hard work. So, be prepared forward-moving Mountain Goats, says Ganesha! Major changes are likely in your career in 2015. This will be an excellent time for moving out of your comfort zones. Look at horizontal as well as vertical expansion; try getting new clients on-board, or try looking at your personal life in a new light. And, try for a career abroad, if that has been on your mind! The results shall be spectacular! In short, relocation and re-assessment of your goals will bring you your just rewards, provided you try. The period from 18th March till the end of June 2015 will especially remain very (very) vital for career and other related decisions, says Ganesha.


Yearly Creative Meter – Time to plot a new, more exciting Career/ Creativity Graph


Aquarius (The Waterbearer)

(21st January to 18th February)

Networking is crucial in almost all fields in today’s ever-changing world; media, entertainment, advertising and content writing simply thrive on it. And, for Aquarius individuals involved in these or related fields, 2015 shall be a perfect opportunity to expand their personal as well as professional contacts. Overall, the year ahead shall be full of hectic, frenetic activity. You shall be extremely busy, and may hardly have any time to think about anything else through the year. New shows or projects, interesting additions to your profile or team may also demand your attentions. However, given all the demands and a busy schedule, ensure that your creativity does not get diluted, especially owing to looming deadlines or performance pressure. June is going to be a very important month for your career, foresees Ganesha.


Yearly Creative Meter – Average to Above Average; Expansive



Pisces (The Fish)

(19th February to 20th March)

The initiative has to come from your side, if you are to succeed. This adage remains true for everyone, but in 2015, this shall be super important for you – a mantra, you will have to swear by! Your creativity is among the best in the entire Zodiac, and now is the time to show it to the world. You will get opportunities, but may remain somewhat confused, especially about new doors, which may open, but may seem too risky to venture in. During the first quarter of the year, you shall be able to give your best to your current organization and work profile, but August to October may not be a good time for you career-wise. You may see pitches meeting dead-ends, projects hitting unexpected challenges or opportunities drying up, in general. Good thing, nonetheless, is that your personal creativity shall be good through the year. However, career success may remain average.


Yearly Creative Meter – Zig-Zag/ Above Average


[Two-part series concluded]


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