We’re closed for Republic Day. See you Tuesday

23 Jan,2015

By A Correspondent


Before you read further, please call your local baniya/kirana store and order some popcorns, Bingos, whatever. Or visit the supermarket and carry stuff back. Witness the Republic Day parade with Barack Obama and all our Indian biggies. It’s loooong, gets monotonous, but there’s no better crash course in what our great country is all about.


So wake up early.  Even if you are out on vacation.


And, yes, we are shut on Republic Day. So no updates and newsletter, unless there’s something major. We’ll be back with our usuals on Tuesday, January 27.


Have a great weekend!


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One response to “We’re closed for Republic Day. See you Tuesday”

  1. Ajay says:

    I enjoyed watching the Indian republic day parade and related ceremonies with President Obama as chief guest in New Delhi. It was very interesting and I “deebriefed” the three hours video by pointing out key features of the parade. You could get a feel of the parade quickly and will be able to watch interesting segment without spending three hours at the following site (which I used to “Deebrief” the youtube republic day video).



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