Millward Brown unveils Media & Digital predictions report for 2015

16 Jan,2015

By A Correspondent


Millward Brown has released its Annual Digital & Media Predictions for the year ahead. For the seventh year running, the company is providing marketers with a clear guide to the challenges and opportunities of the next 12 months.


Authored by Millward Brown experts from around the world, the 2015 report identifies the need for marketers to empower programmatic media buying systems to do more than simply access cheaper and more targeted impressions.


To make this transition, marketers will need to build creative that can be customized and seamlessly delivered by media buying algorithms. Millward Brown says brands that achieve this will be able to create a new form of dynamic and relevant storytelling.


At the same time,marketers will need to ensure the advantages that come from programmatic targeting are not delivered at the expense of other key campaign objectives such as communicating brand messages and building long-term desire. Successful programmatic providers will increasingly differentiate themselves based on their ability to deliver campaigns that not only drive behaviors but also improve brand metrics.


“To date, the debate around programmatic media has been firmly centered on the ‘how’ of operations and behavioral metrics such as cost per click,” said Mark Henning, AMAP Head for Media &Digital at Millward Brown. “In 2015 we expect marketers to be equally focused on the benefits programmatic may be able to bring to building meaningful brands and the opportunities to leverage it more creatively.”


Prasun Basu, Managing Director, South Asia Region at Millward Brown said,” Millward Brown’s Annual Digital & Media Predictions provide a guide to how marketing is likely to change in the next 12 months. A series of media conclaves in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru will provide marketers and media professionals a platform to discuss these trends and exchange ideas that will impact the way brands reach out to consumers.”


Millward Brown also anticipates other important changes in the media landscape around the world and describes in the 2015 predictions how marketers can “get media right”.  These include:

:: As native advertising becomes an established medium, advertisers should partner with best-in-class publishers who strike the right balance between advertising and editorial.

:: New and exciting paid marketing opportunities will emerge on micro-video platforms, but only brands who know, learn and love those platforms will succeed.

:: Location-based marketing opportunities will become powerful when brands focus on consumers’ interests rather than on their own.


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