L’Oreal Paris encourages consumers to forget scissors

22 Jan,2015

By A Correspondent


L’Oréal Paris has introduced the all new Total Repair 5 range that encourages consumers to ‘Forget scissors and keep the length of your hair just as you desire.’


This new range was unveiled through a TVC with L’Oréal Paris brand ambassador Aishwarya Rai Bachchan playing her role to perfection. The TVC conceptualized by McCann Erickson Mumbai and produced by Equinox Productions Pvt Ltd shows Aishwarya Rai showcasing a unique short crop look while talking about how she doesn’t need to cut her hair and can now choose to grow it to the length she desires without worrying about damage as she uses the all new Total Repair 5 range.


Commenting on the launch, Manashi Guha, General Manager – L’Oréal Paris India, said “With the launch of a new and improved Total Repair 5 product range, L’Oréal Paris is addressing the needs of Indian consumers by strengthening the proposition of a product they strongly connect with. A lot of research has gone into giving the contemporary Indian woman exactly what she wants to care for her hair. As a beauty icon it will be refreshing to see the reaction of consumers to Aishwarya’s short cropped look in the TVC. Through her long-standing association with the brand, she is synonymous with our offering of ‘5 problems, 1 solution’ and embodies a classic essence of natural beauty.”


Sharing their thoughts on the premise of the TVC, Sachin Talwalkar, ECD and Abhinav Tripathi, ECD, McCann Erickson Mumbai, shared, “It is interesting how we arrived at our insight. Most Indian women love long hair yet many choose to keep it short. And we always wondered why. Was it because of fashion? Obligation? Peer-pressure? Family? In our minds, the reasons were plenty but all these seemed very superficial. But all of us knew this was interesting space to explore. So we mulled over it, probed further and we also spoke to a couple of women.


Interestingly, all of them had similar answers. They said that more often than not, they cut their hair short not out of choice, but because of circumstances. And in this case the ‘circumstance’ was clearly damage. That was our ‘Eureka!’ moment. It was such a beautifully simple answer and such a brilliant insight. We knew this insight would resonate with millions of women because each one of them was fighting the same battle. Damage. From there on, it was all about getting the message across. Why should any woman be forced to cut her hair because of damage?


We wanted this to be a clutter-breaking commercial; and because our communication was different and our execution had to be too. That’s how we decided on Aishwarya sporting short hair, definitely a refreshing change. We’re very happy with the outcome. All of us love the commercial. We’re hoping the consumers will too.”


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