Titan Raga celebrates confidence of today’s woman in new TVC

16 Dec,2014

By A Correspondent


Over the years, Titan Raga has carved out a special place for itself by celebrating feminine beauty and sensuality. The brand has showcased exquisite collections along with charming stories of the Raga woman. And these stories have served as markers in the journey of the Indian Woman from home and hearth to the outside world.


The latest Raga film tells the story of one such woman and her chance meeting with a past love at an international airport lounge while both are travelling on business trips. They are genuinely happy to see each other. As they talk and catch up, the fissures of the earlier relationship are revealed. He had wanted her to stop working. She had refused. He still wanted her. After all these years, would she bend to his wishes?


It is a film that is at once timely and timeless, celebrating her new self-assuredness and confidence as well as her enduring elegance and grace.


Sharing his views on the commercial, Rajan Amba, GM, Titan Watches and Accessories, said “Raga is a reflection of the modern woman – progressive, confident and passionate. Over the years we have seen this woman evolve. She has unravelled different facets of her personality. And at every step of the way, Raga has evolved with her. Today, we are seeing a new side to this woman, where she is independent and free-spirited. And through this new film we are happy to reflect this new dimension that defines the woman of today. I’m sure this film will appeal to every modern woman because it captures their essence beautifully.”


Joono Simon, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy South, India, said that, “There was a time, not long ago, when Indian brands made a habit of perpetuating gender stereotypes from the past. Raga broke this stereotype with its consistent portrayal of a spirited woman with an air of sensual power.”


In the new commercial, the brand steps up to portray a self-assured, assertive woman who reminds us that, as far as her life is concerned, she is firmly in charge and that she alone has the ability to decide what’s good for her. I’m sure the commercial would inspire many modern women to go out and grab her rightful place under the sun.”


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