Sanjeev Kotnala: So what’s your Resolution for 2015?

31 Dec,2014

By Sanjeev Kotnala


There is something really evil sinfully sexciting and orgasmic in slowly giving in to temptation and surrendering to an early break of otherwise a well-debated resolution. Yet, resolutions take birth, fully aware of their short life. This destined death makes the process of creation a lot more interesting.


There are our independent individualistic favourite resolutions, one that we have broken many times. Not to get angry. Leave smoking. Drink moderately. Diet and many more. In process, we have been self-centred with a constrained small radius of individuality, not willing up to own the responsibilities that come with our other part of life. We have rarely looked at the weapon of resolution in our professional life. Trust me, it reality needs an injection of this mighty ritualistic process.


Here is a shortlisting to get you going. Do pick a few. I am sure, you will find one that suits you. And, yes, the one that you will shamelessly break at the next opportunity. Maybe it will leave a mark on your professional value system before ejecting like a harmless comet.


Go ahead. Check this list. Silly to real to profound ones, as said, resolutions come in all sizes.



:: I will no longer use social media just to crib and complain, but whenever there is an opportunity, I will also register my appreciation.

:: When asked I will share my honest frank opinion and feedback and not what the boss wants to hear.

:: I will take at least two vacations not counting seminars and office offsite

:: I will not take credit for someone else’s ideas or work

:: I will appreciate team in public and reprimand in private

:: I will be an active member of at least one industry body or professional forum

:: In a year, I will invest in at least one week of training/ upgradation to update my knowledge

:: I will properly disclose my freelance income when filing taxes

:: I will at least mentor one junior team member

:: I will not crib on the quality of speakers in the events I attend, but I will engage them in healthy debate by raising relevant questions

:: I will not attend industry events just to catch up with friends and have free booze

:: I will not choose a flight based on loyalty points

:: I will not submit food bills for liquor I consume in trips

:: I will ensure that we arrange for women team members to be safely dropped home when they work late



:: I will call for pitches just for Idea Shopping

:: If I do call for pitches, I will not invite the existing agency (I know their capabilities)

:: I will not use pitch ideas unless I have paid for the same

:: I will give proper brief with a very strong proposition

:: I will always tell agencies the reason for rejecting a campaign and not just ‘Mazaa nahi aaya, kuch different nahin hai’

:: I will give agencies a reasonable time to work on any creative

:: I will share the real budget at the time of briefing



:: I will not pitch without a pitch fee

:: I will not lift ideas from under disguise of success transfer or localisation

:: I will not enter scam ads for awards

:: I will not freelance for a competing brand of my agency

:: I will not accept a vague brief

:: I will not accept ‘Mazaa nahi aaya, kuch different nahin hai’ from client

:: I will always demand the reason for rejecting a campaign

:: I will not write the script looking at my passport

:: I will work a print campaign independently and not as an after thought from the TVC

:: I will not tolerate below par language translation but seek trans-creation



:: I will not talk 360 and integrated till I have understood its meaning

:: I will not disrespect and shout down other competing brands

:: I will not engage in paid news and paid content without highlighting it

:: I will not present a uni-dimensional analysis of media reports

:: I will not bribe media planners to get included in campaigns

:: I will neither create preferred media partners nor recommend a media unless needed by the campaign

:: I will really treat client funds as my own

:: My next plan will not be a cut-copy-paste of the last plan

:: I will not sign a client for its name value if the retainer ship does not make business sense


If you have any more suggestions, do share with me.


Sanjeev Kotnala is Head Catalyst at INTRADIA and believes that the best way forward for an organization is to enhance the potential of internal teams instead of depending on external resources. He is a management- marketing- media consultant and also conducts specialised workshops in the area of ‘Harvesting and Liberating Ideas’ and ‘Innovation’. To contact, email or tweet at s_kotnala visit



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