Mindshare, Google team up and launch ‘Search As Signal’

05 Dec,2014

By A Correspondent


Mindshare has announced a new product, Search As SignalTM (SAS), to inform media decision-making for Mindshare clients.


Search As Signal has access to aggregated, indexed search trends that can be filtered by country to give marketers information on whether they are trending up or down relative to their norm or the category norm. With proprietary category definitions crowdsourced, analyzed, and defined by Mindshare and Google, SAS looks at brand and category activity outside the brand-messaging vacuum. The SAS alert system gives Mindshare clients an early indicator if a category or brand is accelerating, giving teams real-time insights to turn into media actions that influence content, keyword search and paid media decisions.


SAS, unique to the marketplace, lets Mindshare clients access customized, fliterable, aggregated and anonymized search trends relevant to their brands and categories (on an non-exclusive basis). Thus Mindshare clients can understand where a brand sits in the larger cultural environment of search activity. The initiative combines Google’s global reach and Mindshare’s global network to bring unprecedented insight and data to Multinational clients.


“Leading agencies, like Mindshare, are helping to offer their clients’ a holistic view of how their campaigns are performing across channels as search activity is a strong signal,” said Anya Paul, Global Agency Business Leader, Google.


“We’re happy to work with them to make insights available through THE LOOP and Search As Signal to enable their clients to make smarter investment decisions.”


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