Letter from MxMIndia: A Year of Consolidation

31 Dec,2014

So how was 2014 for us at MxMIndia?


The previous year was a horrible one for us. Annus Horribilis, we called it.


Twenty-fifteen was pretty good in comparison. Even if the bucks hadn’t turned big, the mood was upbeat. We hate to admit it, but the ‘achche din aane waale hain’ slogan did change the mood of the nation.


Many may not have forgiven those responsible for Gujarat 2002, but then there was Delhi 1984 and several other communal and civil unrests initiated by various political and community leaders. So even as it’s not right to condone the perpetrators of any riot, the blessed souls from across the spectrum are all the same.  It was the cry for rooting out corruption from the Narendra Modi and the BJP camp that caught the imagination of the nation.


The news media was looking up. Their coffers -for many of them, if not all – were being filled legitimately and under the table. In my interaction with some politicians and newspaper biggies, I learnt how it was done. And how it was impossible to nail a publication. Unless and until one does something silly like this former chief minister…


Twenty-fourteen saw the best and worst in the advertising business. Self-regulator ASCI has gotten hyperactive, Goafest, our version of the Cannes Lions, was saved from a no-show. An industry  association like the India chapter of the International Advertising Association was super-active. The Ad Club expanded its Abby Awards. And there was the birth of an all-new awards show  in the form of Kyoorius.


There was some experimentation on the television scene even as the GECs went on their great ratings run. Zindagi, a channel with re-runs of Pakistani serials, may not have attracted GVTs in large numbers, but it was a winner idea. Sports television grew considerably with Star India putting its might behind the various leagues. Epic, the independent channel funded by Mukesh Ambani and Anand Mahindra, finally took off. Pal, the second Hindi GEC, didn’t take off very well despite the blitz.


As for print, it isn’t dying. In fact it’s been proliferating. Not just in the regions (or the ‘unmetros’) and in Hindi, but in English too.  Radio is still waiting for its Phase III and news, but smart content strategy like BIG FM did with its retro-fication of some stations worked wonders.


And what do we say for digital. It’s here, there and everywhere. A quarter of our billion-plus populace is connected with more than five million smartphones being added every month. Yet, digital is not going to the #1 media even in 2017, as per one study. And we don’t know what’s going to happen later.


The big attraction in the media is integration. Along with BTL and social media, there is much focus on orchestrating an integrated campaign for maximum. Quite like the way Prime Minister Modi did in the run-up to the elections.


The downer of the year has been the Indian Readers hip Survey. It’s sad to see otherwise outstanding professionals unable to come up with a measurement system that will be mutually acceptable. The new measurement regime under BARC is set to launch in April 2015, and one hopes that the television ecosystem handles it more maturely.


As for MxM, we are happy that we are beign counted for our content. Regrettably, not as much for our business and sales. But that, we hope, will happen.


We are looking forward to Twenty-fifteen. Warmest wishes for the year ahead.


Pradyuman Maheshwari

Editor-in-Chief and CEO



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