Badshah of Aroma: Jagjiwan Singh

11 Dec,2014

Patna-based Badshah Industries has been the leading producer of high quality agarbattis or incense sticks in Bihar, Jharkhand and other neighbouring states. The firm braved several setbacks, to emerge at the head of the market. Today, the Badshah brand of agarbattis has received an overwhelming response in the markets and won the hearts of millions. A Q&A with Jagjiwan Singh, Managing Director, Badshah Industries


Badshah Industries has been in the forefront of sales of agarbattis not just in India. Do give us a brief account of your journey

We started our firm way back in the year 1980, but due to the riots in 1984,  unfortunately, we had to take a step back and dissolve the company.  Somehow, with God’s blessings, we started the business again in 1986. The initial days were a struggle, till one fine day in 1999, we made a batch of incense sticks and named it Damru Incense Stick. With the help of advertising and marketing, the Damru brand clicked and became a big hit. Since then we have never looked back.


Today, our firm is in the forefront in the sales of agarbattis in Bihar and Jharkhand, and some other states, but we do not have any business overseas.


Could you tell us about some of the new frontiers Badshah has been scaling?

Ah, well. No new frontiers for the firm at present that we are working upon. Just trying to be stable with what we’ve already achieved.


How big is the agarbatti market in India and what is Badshah’s share in the market?

The agarbatti market in India is about Rs 1000 crore. We never thought of our share at the national level, as we are already the No 1 in the whole of Bihar and Jharkhand.


“Best quality at affordable price” is the motto of your company. How does this affect your pricing? Does it mean your margins are low?

The answer is there in the question itself. Yes, of course, it affects the pricing in many ways. Maintaining the quality of the product is the toughest job, but somehow we manage and work on low margins only.


How much do you spend on advertising and marketing for a product like agarbattis?

It depends on the budget of the firm, how much they want to spend on the advertising and marketing. We at Badshah spend 6-8 percent of our sales on  these.


Could you tell us more about the activities of Badshah Industries?

We love to serve people in our state and country as much as possible, and feel it is our duty to do so. With the blessings of God we are into it with all the emotions and family support.


We’ve seen and heard that Badshah and, you personally, are involved with social welfare. What are the activities undertaken by Badshah in this regard?       

As I mentioned earlier, I feel that as a citizen it is my responsibility to serve the underprivileged in whatever little way I can. So we donate money to the poor and needy during marriages and festivals like Chhath, we distribute blankets, we set up eye camps and blood donation camps regularly.




Office: Chitkohra, Patna

Telephone: 91-612-2250106


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