Amith Prabhu: My PR Person of the Year

01 Dec,2014

By Amith Prabhu


I said it earlier and I say it in a different context again. United Kingdom has a former PR professional as its Prime Minister and India has a Prime Minister who is a PR man as well. The way Narendra Modi has managed the perception of his six months in power is a case study as much as his campaign is a case study. For this reason he is my PR person of 2014.


I have had strong views against him being the PM probable of the country. However, now that the 30 percent vote share catapulted him to the position we have to accept the reality and move on. I have been branded a Communist and a Congress sympathizer. That is far from the truth. I have had professional linkages with individuals from different parties and ideologies. I am neither pro-Congress nor am I anti-BJP.


There are individuals who come across as good and many of them genuinely are. I support them. If the PM really walks the talk and brings about a change in the remainder of his five-year term without allowing a communal riot to erupt, I may vote for him in 2019.


What are the three areas we need to see change at least in the next one year? For me it would be reduction of corruption and poverty – these are interlinked. A safer and secure nation – safe for its citizens especially women and children and security at the borders. And lastly, an equal society where people play fair. Too much to ask for but possible if the Good Days are to see the light.


Well, the Prime Minister has shown that you do not need to engage journalists to do some great PR. I’m hoping there is a lot of learning here for professionals. He uses the radio for live broadcasts. He uses events to create hype and he uses digital like it will go out of fashion. He has put the public back into Public Relations. And he is not giving journalists too much of a chance to cover him in a poor light.


One is not sure as to how long the shine will last. People also say that all that glitters is not gold. But for now a large number of India – and I’m not yet part of the bandwagon – are letting him enjoy the honeymoon in power. He has managed to convert several who were against him to be a favorably disposed towards him. For the above reasons he is my PR Person of the Year but, no, at the ballot box he is not getting my vote yet until he proves to be a real change maker in reducing corruption and poverty which are India’s biggest albatrosses.


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