Amagi announces launch of ad monetization platforms

10 Dec,2014



Amagi, the leader in targeted TV advertising and cloud-based broadcast infrastructure has announced the launch of its ad monetization platforms that are uniquely designed for TV Networks whose satellite feeds cover countries outside its origin.


“In the last few months, we have witnessed a surge in demand from TV Networks to monetize their pan-regional feeds. Owing to their unique regional structure and demographics, Europe and the Middle East region are emerging as the priority markets for local Ad insertion. As a pioneer in targeted TV advertising, we are best positioned to offer local Ad insertion platform for these markets,” commented KA Srinivasan, co-founder, Amagi.


For TV Networks reaching Europe and the Middle East, Amagi will deploy its patented content watermark technology with flexible workflows to replace ad breaks on satellite feeds with local ads. Amagi can watermark any content provided by TV channels and replace such content at local headends based on a pre-determined playlist. The entire solution can operate on existing satellite infrastructure of broadcasters using STORM IRD, Amagi’s enhanced satellite receiver. “STORM IRD can store Ads and replace watermarked Ads locally while the entire workflow can be managed remotely through a cloud-based user interface. STORM IRD also supports traditional content triggers such as SCTE-35 and DTMF cue tones,” added KA Srinivasan.


Amagi has successfully monetized Ad inventory in Singapore and other countries in the Asia Pacific region for large TV networks. Amagi also runs India’s largest TV Ad network with over 1,000 installations and more than 2,000 advertisers, providing geo-specific Ad inventory on some of India’s leading entertainment and news channels.


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