AdStrat: DDB Mudra unveils second phase of Volkswagen’s Polo campaign

02 Dec,2014

Be it design, performance, safety or overall driving experience, Volkswagen has delighted India with one innovative, well-put-together car after another. Abiding by this communication, the first phase of the campaign positioned the New Polo as a refreshingly beautiful car to own and drive. The second installment of the New Polo campaign, DDB Mudra West has used the New Polo’s USP of ‘1.5L TDI engine’ to great use in its proposition: Power, when you need it.



Having established the New Polo as a refreshingly beautiful car to own and drive in the first phase of its communication, Volkswagen felt it was time to emphasize the performance of its powerful 1.5L TDI engine.



With many refreshing additions on the inside and outside, the New Polo is a car to reckon with. It has a shiny new front grille, new sporty steering wheel, new alloy wheels, advanced multimedia console with steering-mounted controls and new dual-beam headlamps with cornering lights, among other things. But, most importantly, hauling it all is a powerful 1.5L TDI engine that generates an impressive 90PS horsepower and 230Nm of torque.


The engine ensures that power and time are always on your side when you’re on the road. Perfect for today’s ‘get-it-done-yesterday’ world. Thus, was born the idea of ‘Power when you need it’.


Creative Execution:

The media roll-out consists of three sharply-executed 30-second TV commercials, along with a series of tongue-in-cheek print ads. Not to mention, exciting digital and outdoor implementations, in sync with the Volkswagen spirit of innovation.


For instance, the first TV commercial features a husband, who forgets his anniversary but saves himself from his wife’s wrath after he manages to get her a gift just in time. Of course, thanks to the New Polo.


In another commercial, a young man returns home at the end of a tiring day at work, when he gets a call from his girlfriend, reminding him that he was supposed to meet her at the movie theatre. Once again, the New Polo comes to his rescue.


In the third commercial, a woman discovers that the man she has a crush on is single again. And, as luck would have it, he’s at a restaurant with some friends. The New Polo helps her rush to the restaurant just in time to meet him.



Rahul Mathew, Creative Head, Mudra West: “Car advertising has seldom taken power out of the hands of secret agents and rich playboys. But VW doesn’t make promises only for these privileged few. So, even something as explosive as power has a very relevant role in the everyday and that’s just what we sought to capture in our communication for the new Polo.”


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