14 Ways to Beat the New Year Eve’s Hangover!

31 Dec,2014

One of our top stories of last year’s yearender was this self-help guide to beat the New Year Eve hangover.


Guess it’s simply written, direct and had practical tips that didn’t require you to run to the dictionary (ok, ok, go to dictionary.com). So here we are with the same old stuff and one extra way to beat those headaches, nausea, wooziness, etc. Etc, etc.


1. Swear by H20: Drink gallons of water right through because alcohol dehyradates badly.


2. Exercise: Flex your muscles a bit towards evening to be in top form and trigger the good hormones.


3. Chomp a banana: Or any other fruit with high potassium to replace lost electrolytes.


4. Knock down fruit juices: Alternate alcohol with fruit juices (ideally fresh) to restore vitamins and other nutrients.


5. Grab a soda: Essentially to relieve dehydration.


6. Get high on cheese: This is the best time to have fatty food to buffer the stomach lining.


7. Dig on greasy Potatoes: This will keep you steady on your feet


8. Pop in a Vitamin C: Some say it provides additional arsenal to battle it out.


9. Wolf down a Meal: Never, never go empty stomach for the big night.


10. Pop-out for fresh air breaks… nothing like that (and avoid the cigarette. Also, if you must: do not inhale)


11. Some deep breathing will do you well.


12. Go easy: Consider it the best antidote, er, advice


13. Or just don’t drink. Or make a resolution, quit the drink from midnight onwards.


14.  Lastly, as the French, Spanish and Japanese would say respectively: Jouir, disfrutar, tanoshimu, in other words, Enjoy. All will be well!!!!!


Happy 2015.


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