What Ticks for Indian Consumers/ Men – Kevin Vaz and Saurabh Yagnik

05 Nov,2014

Continuing with our extracts from the second edition of the MxMIndia Annual, we present contributions by Kevin Vaz and Saurabh Yagnik.


Provide your TG the special interest content they yearn for


By Kevin Vaz


It has become increasingly important for networks to come up with offerings exclusively meant for a certain target audience. That’s been a trend for the past few years now and what we’re seeing today is the industry taking rapid strides towards that direction. The 15+ male audience, the core TG for Star Network’s English cluster is extremely passionate about movies and English entertainment besides other interests such as sports and news.


We have made significant investments in strengthening our offering for this consumer segment. We launched Star Movies Action this year replacing Fox Action Movies with the thought process that there is a great demand for action movies in India. And we’re really passionate about the growth happening in the English movies genre. India is a country where action movies do exceedingly well at the box office. Sample this: out of 100 top-rated movies, 83 are action movies.


This statistic clearly indicates that there is a big market for action movies in India. Our attempt is to bring world-class content – the best in Hollywood. We have a library of more than 300 exclusive movies. How do I see the consumer segment evolve in the next five to six years? I believe we will see a significant increase in the viewership of HD channels. In fact, already, we’re seeing a lot of traction on Star Movies HD. Yes, there are other channels in the English movies space targeting the same consumer group, but the trick lies in differentiating the content offering.




Differentiation and innovation is key


By Saurabh Yagnik


In my opinion, a viewer is neutral to genres and consumes content that addresses his need state. In the English movie space, nearly threefourth of the viewership is driven by males and nearly three-fifth of it is driven by the age-group 16-29 years. By nature, the audience set we deal with is and likes to be spoilt for choice – his options are television, malls, multiplexes, hangouts, coffee shops etc. A viewer would feel “claustrophobic” in case they were told that there is only so much that you can get.


Choices of content consumption for males and particularly young males are driven by elements like talkability, recency, topical themes, current affairs and what appears to be cool. Coupled with it is the inherent need for speed, thrill and adrenaline rush. All the genres in some form or the other serve this need, but in my view genres like movies, sports and news tend to cater to this need more than the others. As a trend we have also seen there is an overlap between various genres as well.


There is a sprinkling of movies and of Bollywood/ Hollywood in sports and also in news. Equally some movies are themed around sports and sports stars which are extremely popular. Such blend increases talkability and interest in the content. While dealing with creating loyalty the trick is giving more rather than restricting choice. The inherent desire is to experiment before settling for anything specific. Also, for the younger male, the concept of “badge value” and a “cool hangout” are important to make anything a destination of choice.




Apart from English movies and entertainment, Indian men also consume a lot of crime and infotainment content. Star World offers content that is liked by both men and women and it caters to a wider audience as compared to FX which caters to a slightly evolved audience as far as English content is concerned.


All of Star Network’s English channels – Star Movies, Star Movies Action, Star Movies HD, Star World, FX, Fox Crime, Fox Traveller and National Geographic – all have a clear differentiation while catering to the same SEC A 15+ male and female viewers. I believe that the industry has already moved ahead in creating special interest content and will continue to move in the same direction for many years to come.



It is accordingly, our constant endeavour to be a companion of relevance to the viewer. Equally important is differentiation and innovation. This is exactly what we considered while planning our new positioning. When we did a scan of the category and looked at each of the channels within the category, we noted that the whole category was more or less focussing on establishing the credentials around Hollywood. That did not really differentiate one channel from the other. This was also reflected in the fact that during our viewer studies we found that there was only around a 10 percent correct association of a title or property to a channel.


This gave birth to our new positioning of Stay Amazed which explores what “Hollywood” viewers like and our endeavour now is to provide entertainment which makes our viewers feel “Wow”, “Cool” and provides “Entertainment with a Twist”. Since talkability is important, we have focused on conversations around social media in a strong way and believe that an active and differentiated social media strategy helps build a channel as a destination of choice. The challenge therefore is in being a part of a viewer’s ecosystem rather than target to make him a part of your system. This we believe is the only way to break clutter and have a lasting engagement with our viewers.



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