VIP Industries unveils mega campaigns for ‘Caprese’ and ‘Carlton’

14 Nov,2014

By A Correspondent


Luggage leader VIP Industries Ltd. has announced the launch of two mega campaigns for their brands ‘Caprese’ and ‘Carlton’. Power packed with glamour, new product launches, strategic market positioning, exploring new target segments, robust marketing strategies and alliances, the two brands captivate their respective audience with style and charisma.


Established in 2012 by VIP Industries, Caprese offers ladies handbags which are a symbol of the international fashion inspired by the isle of Capri. Since its launch the brand has been positioned on Hi Fashion. But this time around the campaign objective was to go beyond the target of a niche fashionable audience to a wider segment without losing its essence of international fashion. Communication needed to retain its genes of elite style, while adding lifestyle cues to enhance the aspiration and desirability quotient among the masses.


Thus, resulting in the concept of ‘The Caprese Girl’ – a desirable style icon that a young woman will look up to; a brand icon that defines Caprese over the coming decades. In order to connect with the masses, fashionable Bollywood star Alia Bhatt, was roped in as the first ever Caprese girl.


KB Vinod, Managing Partner, Company says, “The Caprese girl is an ambassador of good taste, elegance and good life. She’ll hopefully define fashion for the girl next door. We would like to see the Caprese girl enjoying good things in life, with a gorgeous Caprese on her arm, for many decades to come.”


Acquiring ‘Carlton’ in 2004, one of the leading global luggage brand designed and developed in London, since 1976 is an assurance of the very best of British design and innovation. The objective of the brand new campaign was to cater to the new order of business which is different from the old order. Jeans, garage offices, cloud computing have replaced pin striped suits and corner offices. The new generation of business leaders is young and not averse to taking risk. The way business is done today has changed and Carlton is the luggage for this ‘New Face of Business’ that accompanies this new business maverick in his journey to success.


Created and conceptualized by Ravi Deshpande, Founder, Whyness the campaign is filmed in London keeping in mind its British legacy. It pays tribute to a new kind of business leader who is young, passionate and is relentless visionary in the pursuit of the next big idea and the next business revolution. The film shows the modus operandi of this new generation contrasting it with the old order. It shows enthusiastic and driven youth who are ready to make a dent in the business world with their unyielding resolve through different situations having the same underlying philosophy.


Detailing his experience, Ravi Deshpande, Founder, Whyness shared, “Carlton is a premium luggage brand with a heritage of the UK legacy wanting to reach out to ‘The New Face of Business’. We hope that the campaign communicates with the young aspiring face of business who will associate with Carlton on their next business travel.”


Speaking on the two campaigns, Radhika Piramal, Managing Director, VIP Industries stated, “Today’s travelers are evolving, demanding and always on the go. Their luggage needs to represent who they are. All our brands like VIP, Caprese, Skybags, Carlton, Alfa and Aristocrat cater to different market segments and with these two campaigns, we aim to strengthen the two segments that they target. We are extremely happy to have Alia Bhatt on board as the brand ambassador for Caprese, as she represents the modern young Indian woman with no compromise on fashion or style. With Carlton, the campaign communicates to a niche segment which is constantly developing. We hope that both the campaigns are successful in establishing a connect with its target audience.”


The Caprese campaign will go on air starting 15th November 2014 followed by the Carlton campaign on 22nd November 2014. Both the campaigns will witness a 360° marketing approach across all the mediums of print, radio, television and social media.


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