VAT 69 gaming portal unveils ‘Be One in a 100’ campaign

14 Nov,2014

By A Correspondent


Diageo India’s renowned brand Vat69 has announced the launch of its new campaign ‘Be One in a 100’ for its gaming portal The campaign brings alive Vat69’s brand philosophy “Exhorting men to succeed by doing things differently” in an innovative manner.


Taking a unique stance, the Vat69 gaming portal TVC salutes those distinctive people who found their ‘Eureka’ moment from an unnoticed or a missed opportunity. It represents that genius who is proficient enough to innovate rather than invent!


The campaign will begin with two TVCs that will be launched in succession this week. The first pays respect to the one great mind that discovers the use of an elastic band for a bowtie while other men get tied up in knots. The second TVC is a tribute to that one man who invented a pointy stone for fishing while other men kept failing with flat stones. His wit helped him resolve the issue of fishing by simply thinking differently.


Commenting on the launch of this innovative campaign, Bhavesh Somaya, Marketing & Innovation Director, Diageo India mentioned, “The new brand campaign- ‘Be one in a hundred’, for the gaming portal is an ode to those unsung heroes who shaped the world as we know it. In true Vat69 style, the set of humorous yet witty commercials depict that competitive spirit combined with simplicity and intelligence provide the best solutions. Through our narratives we have reimagined historic events that lead to moments of ingenuity. The TVC’s promise to be captivating and witty taking the audience back in time.”


Russell Barrett, Chief Creative Officer mentioned, “With this campaign, we decided to celebrate the greatest uncommon men of history. We chose men who decided to stand out, to rise above the rest and who broke away from the herd. Vat the gaming portal will be the champion of these quiet heroes and pay homage to these men in an ironic and witty way. Our ideas will continuously celebrate that one man in a 100 who was brave and brilliant.”


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