Stratagem Media announces 2-day training for ad sales and media/mktng pros

10 Nov,2014

By A Correspondent


Leading Mumbai-based media advisory Stratagem Media has announced a two-day open training programme for media practitioners as well as marketers and advertisers.


The fifth in the series of intensive learning sessions under the Media Rhythm banner, under the Media Rhythm series. “I’ve always believed that the media business is a combination of both, knowledge and a skill,” said Sundeep Nagpal, founder-director of Stratagem while unveiling details of the sessions scheduled for November 28 and 29 in Mumbai.  “Once a year, we organise this programme where our endeavour is to contribute to the development of this knowledge and skill and bring participants up-to-date with the latest practices being adopted in the business, as much as make them a bit future-ready, if possible,” he said.


We asked Mr Nagpal a few questions, and rather than let the finer details get lost in the paraphrasing, we present his responses as is:


What will this year’s session offer:

Sundeep Nagpal : Over the last five years, we have stayed relevant with the Media Rhythm series of programs. The topics have kept pace with the current needs of the industry.  So, this time we felt it would be relevant to combine the understanding of digital media with that of traditional media. I have observed that hitherto, these were quite compartmentalized. So, this program is titled – The Big Fat Media Wedding – Digital weds Traditional Media


Firstly, more than 50 % of the program is devoted to Digital marketing – it breaks up into separate modules on Search, Social, Mobile and Display.


Then there are separate modules on Media measurement, Creativity in Media and even one on ‘How to integrate multi-media for a given campaign’.


Is a two-day programme sufficient for all the topics you have planned?

SN: We have conceived this more like a workshop. And hence, it’s a two-day programme, so, I think, we will have the bandwidth to deep dive into the concepts, metrics and practices.  And given the variety of topics, we have chosen to have 4 specialist trainers for this programme.  Participants will get a chance to think and do. They will be put through a few exercises – on creativity and strategy development as well as some hands-on analytics.


Who are the trainers?

SN:  It would not be incorrect to say that all trainers are highly experienced specialists in different areas of the media business.


Mr  R P Singh: who will handle the digital module, has been in the digital space for as long as it has existed in this country. He was with Group M and McCann (APAC for Commonwealth), and now is the CEO of a Delhi-based digital company called Sirez.


Mr  Bharat Kapadia : is the man of ideas and has more than 35 years, mostly as a publisher, with 4 prestigious media houses in this country.


Mr  Suresh Balakrishna: who has spent more than 28 years and has had considerable experience on both sides of the media business – planning/ buying as well as selling. And now heads BPN, part of IPG Mediabrands


And myself:: For most of my professional career of 28 years,  I’ve inter-acted intensely, with media sellers and advertisers, and I feel there’s a lot of scope to bridge the gap.


Ideally  who would you target/ like to see as participants?

SN:  Well, as such anyone who has anything to do with the business of media or who is in the field of marketing  would stand to benefit from this program.  Also, I’d like to draw special attention to the scope that this programme offers to media planners and sellers of traditional media – I think this would be an ideal opportunity for them to understand how to apply and add the learnings of digital media and marketing in their job profiles.


So, all in all, professionals from media agencies, marketing companies as well as media houses, would stand in good stead with this program.


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