Smirnoff urges consumers to party with ‘unfakeit’

18 Nov,2014

By A Correspondent


Smirnoff Experience is set to redefine rules of partying with its brand new philosophy of ‘unfakeit’.  In its first edition last year, Smirnoff Experience created Indian music history by becoming the first festival with a visceral multi-sensory experience for the audience and is now taking the next step with ‘unfakeit’ philosophy. This campaign is being kick-started with an exciting TVC, based on the insight that “life is best, when stripped of rules and trying too hard”.


The new TVC follows four out-to-be-noticed young men and women who end up at a real party where they discover that real fun can be far more enjoyable when it is sans any pretence and without the pressures of people judging. The film seeks to defy the recent norms of superficiality and encourages them to get rid of the pretence and be real to have a good time.


Talking about the new campaign, Bhavesh Somaya, Director of Marketing and innovation, Diageo India, said, ” With unfakeit, we want to challenge the current norms of partying that constantly focus on looking a certain way and doing what everyone else is doing. Smirnoff exists to ignite effortless fun times and the campaign is a strong call for being real to have effortless fun at every party. We hope to become a catalyst for a cultural shift through our philosophy of unfakeit that will come alive in our new TVC and all our communication going forward.”


As the creators of the campaign, McCann team shared: “In a world of selfies, likes and pokes one really wonders how social is a social network. We live in a world where broadcasting your life seems to take precedence over living a life. The film is an attempt to capture the spirit of real fun, real parties and enjoying life by dropping the mask.”


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One response to “Smirnoff urges consumers to party with ‘unfakeit’”

  1. Sreeram Bhaskar says:

    Team McCann… Its high time you need to hashtag the campaign in FB… which will drive in more real time party lovers..!!! Get started!!!