MxM is hiring. And you needn’t have been a journalist to be an Editor or Reporter

27 Nov,2014

Yes, you could have been a copywriter, clientservicing exec, PR exec, sales manager, shop assistant, social media writer, call centre operator, homemakers… whatever. MxMIndia is looking for bright, smart, confident individuals (gender no bar) in Mumbai and New Delhi who have excellent English writing and speaking skills. And, btw, you could’ve also been a journalist.


MxMIndia is into the business of media, and not just into the craft and creation of television software, advertising or news media. So please don’t expect to meet Kapil Sharma or Arnab Goswami or land yourself on the sets of your favourite soap on Day 1 or 2 or 100 of your job.


The ideal candidates should be under 24 years of age, but 30-somethings are welcome as long as they are happy to start lower down the ladder.


We have flexi work hours and you don’t have to be physically present in the office every day. We are strict on deliveries, but we aren’t impractical in our demands. We follow a Code of Ethics, and expect your primary commitment to be the work at MxM.


We are a multiple media company and offer opportunities in digital, print and in future: video/television.


We don’t expect you to know who the Chief Justice of India is or who is the Chief Editor of The Times of India, but we surely expect you know a fair bit about the media and brands and newsmakers.


The ideal applicant should be familiar with the digital media, be active on Twitter and Facebook and be comfortable with technology. We don’t consider working long hours a virtue, but when necessary, the MxM editor/sub/reporter should willing to work looong hours.


Enough said. If interested, mail us a link to your LinkedIn profile and your coordinates at editor [at]


Designation and salary will match experience.


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