Milestone Brandcom unveils Outdoor campaign for Goodyear India

17 Nov,2014



Goodyear India has unveiled its new outdoor campaign that boasts its latest innovation – RunOnFlat technology. The new campaign, executed by Milestone Brandcom, depicts how the new technology allows cars continued mobility after a puncture or complete loss of tyre pressure. This revolutionary tyre engineering allows tyres to hold the car for up to 80 km with no air pressure.


The selection of the outdoor medium was a strategic move. In urban areas, most people spend a significant amount of time on the road travelling (office to home and back, meetings and so on). Moreover, the category (tyre) also has a very strong connect with the road; hence outdoor as a medium strategically fits the context. Any relevant messaging at this point is the real “moment of truth” (talk of a product/ role of product when the consumer is actually consuming the product).


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