Lenovo uses SnapChat to warm up fans about new phone features

06 Nov,2014

By A Correspondent


Experience Commerce (EC), the digital agency of Lenovo India, has made use of Pop Art to start consumer conversation, just three days ahead of one of the most exciting product launches this year.


“Everything about this campaign is a departure from convention,” said Sandip Maiti, Chief Creative Officer at the agency. “We invited artists from across India to join our team at the agency and have fun working together.”


“As the campaign makes progress, we intend to showcase everything in real-time – thus SnapChat Stories. All you have to do is search for “viveupmylife” on Snapchat and add as friend to follow the artists at work over next three days,” added Sandip.


Experience Commerce is a new breed of marketing agency helping brands connect with digital-first consumers. Over 100+people in size with offices across India, EC serves over 20 leading brands from the top 100 enterprises in India.


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