India Skills report highlights unique facets of the youth

11 Nov,2014

By A Correspondent


With the PM Modi’s vision on youth and focus on skill development, the second India Skills Report 2015 echoes a similar sentiment where about 72 per cent employers preferring to hire candidates in the age 30 years and below. This preference for the young workforce is good news wherein 60 per cent of population is going to belong to the working age by 2020. This is one of the major findings of the India Skills Report 2015 launched at the CII – 6th Global Summit on Skill Development. India Skills Report is a joint initiative by Wheebox, Global Talent Assessment Company, PeopleStrong, India’s leading platform based multi-process HR Outsourcing and Recruitment Company and LinkedIn. The report is an effort to form the basis of an effective collaboration between the two ends of the Talent Supply Chain.


The 2nd India Skills Report shows an upward trend in hiring spread across 29 states & 7 UTs. The top states with employable skill pool include Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Kerala & Karnataka which have held their positions from last year, and U.P, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal & Orissa are the new entrants. An overall increase of about 23 per cent expected in the hiring numbers per month, the job outlook confirms with the expectation of a growing market in the coming year for India.


Out of about 11 sectors surveyed, Hospitality and travel lead the way followed by BFSI and Core sectors which will see major increase in hiring with more than 25 per cent hiring to be expected and other manufacturing  (excluding Auto, Consumer goods & durables,), Pharma & Healthcare and Telecom and allied , there is an increase of more than 10 per cent in monthly hiring.


The report also brings out a general trend amongst the employers while looking for candidate prefer Internal Referrals followed by Job portal and social media. The trend of choosing candidate with the use of social media has increased from 6% last year to 12% this year.
Assessing over 3,00,000 students amongst 29 states & 7 UT’s across the length and breadth of country using Wheebox Workforce Skills Test, India Skills Report has helped to create an agenda that can function to solve the talent supply-demand challenge the country is facing.


Nirmal Singh, Founder and CEO of Wheebox said, “We are delighted to yet again bring the supply and demand sides of talent on the same platform. It was heartening to receive such support from both sides for this study. It also resonates with Wheebox’s vision to bring talent demand and supply together using validated assessments and impact economic development of the country and with recent steps that are being taken by the Government, we are confident that all this information would help in transforming the skill landscape of India.”


Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General, Confederation of Indian Industry said” With India metamorphosing into one of the fastest growing economies, job creation and skilling seem to be natural tools to ensure sustainable growth. Realising the urgent need to provide accurate analysis, we have partnered with Wheebox, PeopleStrong and LinkedIn to bring out the India Skills Report which is a conscious one of a kind effort to provide an insight into the hiring trends of the market well understanding the needs of the job seeker and organizations. I am confident that this initiative will give a clear understanding and enable bridging of the talent demand and supply in the country.”


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