Berger Paints launches new TVC for Easy Clean

20 Nov,2014

By A Correspondent


Berger Paints has launched its new ad campaign for its interior paint brand Easy Clean with the tag line ‘No Daag No Dhabba, Only beautiful walls’.


The philosophy behind this new campaign is to break the clutter of the Washable Interior Paint category and position Easy Clean as a luxury emulsion that has been substantiated with Cross Linking Polymer (CLIP) technology which forms a non-permeate membrane. This does not allow the micro-particles to enter inside the paint film and makes it easy to clean.


The idea here revolves around a simple insight that people want clean good looking walls and our walls tend to get dirty. And to get those clean walls they don’t want to take too much effort. They want the walls to get cleaned easily. The USP of Berger Easy Clean is the ease with which one can keep the walls clean even with the most stubborn stains.


The advertisement shows some typical Indian situations and habits that end up staining the walls and how it is a hassle free cleaning with Berger Easy Clean. The ad uniquely portrays this with the proposition of ‘No Daag No Dhabba, Only Beautiful Walls’ where we see walls getting stained by regular activities of people and the ease at which the stained walls can be cleaned. The fact that Berger Easy Clean has CLIP Technology that forms a non-permeate membrane which doesn’t allow micro-particles to enter inside the paint film making it easier to clean the wall stains and keep the house looking fresh for years serves as the “Reason to Believe” (RTB) for this advertisement.


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