Adstrat: DDB Mudra West unveils 12 Months Free Shopping Festival campaign

24 Nov,2014

Future Group is India’s first and largest independent homegrown pure-play retail group. With a pan-India presence and multiple store formats, which meet the everyday needs of millions of customers in India, Future Group helps them live a better quality of life every day. The group has grown and continues to grow on a simple belief to be a part of every consumption opportunity of the Indian consumer.


The Objective

With the onset of Diwali, the biggest shopping season that India witnesses, at a time when the customers open their wallets and indulge in purchase – be it fashion, electronics, food, home fashion, kitchen goods, or even gifting, Future Group decided to bring all their different store formats from Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar, FBB, Central, Ezone, Home Town, Brand Factory and ‘I am In’ into a common platform where customers can benefit from their purchase across the entire portfolio of Future Group stores and promote cross purchase between stores.


The Brief

To communicate to the audience to shop at any Future Group store of their choice, to get never before cash back and benefits. This could be encashed on a monthly basis or for the entire year at any of the Future Group Store.


The Idea

The festive season is upon us. A time for weddings, Diwali celebrations, moving into a new house, purchase new vehicles, renovating shops and what have you. In short, a time when most people in India go on a shopping spree. Future Group’s ‘The 12 Months Free Shopping Festival’ debuts at this opportune time. The creative idea then was to showcase this frenzy of shopping, which is further heightened by the exciting shopping schemes tied to this shopping festival.


The Execution:


The temptations of shopping during the festive season are all around us. Be it for Diwali, a wedding in the family or moving into a new home. So, the creatives depicted people abstaining from shopping or not letting others shop, in three different settings that reflect the aforementioned occasions. Because they’d rather wait till 1st October when The 12 Months Free Shopping Festival kicks-off – in order to plunge headfirst into a shopping binge.


Main Films

In the reveal films, it shows ‘The 12 Months Free Shopping Festival’ has begun, and a roving camera catching people red-handed with a massive amount of big ticket purchases. They are seen offering unconvincing reasons to the camera (in a sing-song) for doing so. A recurring chorus, however, calls their bluff throughout. Because the real reason is, of course, the exciting shopping schemes offered at this mega event. Towards the end, the shopping scheme itself is depicted with a unique Hammer Game device as seen in amusement parks. All this, set to a peppy tune.


Commenting on the campaign, Akshay Mehrotra, Chief Marketing Officer, Big Bazaar, said, “We believe ‘The 12 Months Free Shopping Festival’ is among the most powerful ideas from the Group and will form a unique and valuable year-long relationship with our customers. The festive season is a time for family shopping; our customers can shop from all our categories for every family member and get rewarded by getting free shopping benefits through the next 12 months of the year. ‘The 12 Months Free Shopping Festival’ is the biggest reward program ever launched for our customers and this campaign communicates the uniqueness and value proposition of ‘The 12 Months Free Shopping Festival’ to people.”


Sonal Dabral

Speaking about the campaign, Sonal Dabral, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, DDB Mudra Group, said, “An exciting, high energy and truly creative festival needs to have an equally creative and high energy creative communication idea. That’s exactly what we delivered with this campaign.”


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